The Conner clan is mourning in the new ABC series’s premiere—but their grief offers an encouraging start to a risky sitcom.

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Well, over there it is: ~ above Tuesday night, The Conners eliminated off Roseanne Conner, and by extension reduced ties with Roseanne Barr. The collection premiere, a extension of Roseanne in all however its name, opened on a grieving family drowning in casserole dishes, courtesy of well-meaning neighbors and also friends. In ~ first, they believe the Conner matriarch died of a love attack—the same malady that eliminated her husband, Dan, throughout Roseanne’s first run (until the didn’t). But later, we learn her cause of fatality was more insidious: Roseanne Conner passed away of an opioid overdose.

The premiere takes location three weeks after Roseanne Conner’s funeral—before her autopsy outcomes are complete. As soon as those results come back, the household must face an dreadful truth: also after Roseanne acquired surgery on her bum knee, she maintained taking pills. In fact, together the family gradually discovers, Roseanne to be hiding prescription bottles all over the house. Dan concentrates his rage on the woman who provided Roseanne her final, deadly batch of pills, Marcy Bellinger—placing a authorize on his van saying that she killed his wife. However when Marcy—played with tragic aplomb through Mary Steenburgen—shows up on Dan’s doorstep to make amends, his rage softens right into betrayed heartbreak. As it transforms out, Roseanne was not alone; a many of civilization in their neighborhood have been trading prescription pills to regulate their illnesses and pain, plagued with insufficient insurance coverage.

As the Conners comment on how betrayed they feeling by your now-departed matriarch, it’s difficult not to translate their feelings together a intended parallel to the real instance that gave birth come The Conners. however even if the display never would have actually taken this dramatic step, if Barr had actually not been fired after tweeting a racialism comment around Valerie Jarrett, Roseanne-the-character’s death is actually a natural, if dark, culmination of she arc top top the revitalized Roseanne. her opioid addiction—which was spurred by a negative knee and insufficient insurance—was one of the season’s high points. And though the revival writers virtually certainly intended to finish that arc differently, that at least opened the door for Roseanne’s death to feel less abrupt.

Going into this season, fans knew the Roseanne Conner would die; in an interview front of the new show’s premiere, John Goodman allow that information slip. Barr herself declared that she character would die of one opioid overdose. Now that the cat’s officially out of the bag, we’ll need to wait and see how long this large loss hangs over the Conners themselves—and exactly how interested Roseanne’s old audience is in hanging roughly Lanford despite that loss.

It stays to be seen whether The Conners deserve to really pull turn off Roseanne there is no Roseanne; even the original series’s writers room unsure about the brand-new show’s potential. However there is part hope: the 2 episodes that The Conners that alphabet screened for doubters last main felt, in many ways, choose a truer continuation of the initial Roseanne 보다 the an initial revival season ever was. Laurie Metcalf was in optimal neurotic type as Jackie, reorganizing the kitchen and clinging come her endure as a “life coach”; Goodman made Dan’s sorrow both compelling and wry. Perhaps most satisfyingly because that old fans, it shows up the collection has finally found a function for Becky (Lecy Goranson) again, offering her a clearly defined duty within the family and showcasing Goranson’s crack comic timing. Ultimately, though, it will certainly be as much as fans to decision whether the Conners acquire to rod around.

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