In instance you missed this week’s hot weight lose news, Rosie O’Donnell has returned to The watch 55 pounds lighter than as soon as we last observed her. Together a non-regular viewer of The view (and by non-regular I mean that I’ve never ever watched it), ns was not watching live yet had the chance to read a lot about the subject. Now I’ve never ever been what friend would call a “Rosie O’Donnell Fan”. In fact, I can honestly say ns don’t understand that I’ve ever heard a human being say:

“You recognize who must do an ext movies? the Rosie O’Donnell lady!”

Rosie down 55 Pounds.

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Rosie has been pretty candid about some of the challenges that have come with her load loss. What is yes, really awesome is the in true advice of the range fashion, Rosie is talking a hell of lot much more about the mental elements of her post weight loss civilization than she is about the physics ones. And also you recognize what? i’ve learned a many from her this week. I want to share several of the lessons that I’ve learned from several of her subsequent interviews.

So traction up a chair, class is in session. Professor O’Donnell, the floor is yours.

Emotional disturbance does not finish with obesity.

“The fact that i look so various has been difficult and unexpected. Everyone assumes that obese world would simply be jumping for delight that they were healthier and thinner and able come fit into store-bought sizes, we don’t need to go come the add to store. Yet it’s also filled through a the majority of emotional disturbance you wouldn’t expect.”


Rosie’s Wife: YOU go GIRL.

There could be books on this subject. She actually mentions in the other video linked below that she can not go clothes shopping there is no picking up she old, larger clothes size. She just can’t view herself as a Medium. And when she put a medium Shirt on, the fits however she quiet can’t think it fits. Rosie claims she visited a psychiatrist prior to losing the weight and a support group after to shot and wrap she head around all the changes. And with great reason together Rosie mentions, many marriages finish after a dramatic load loss as soon as one companion is unsupportive or the priorities and also dynamics shift significantly.

We often times think that losing weight will fix all our problems yet a study released critical month in the UK confirmed that obese individuals who shed weight to be 52% much more likely to continue to be depressed 보다 those who stay at your existing weight. Currently obviously, they aren’t saying that weight loss provides us depressed. Perhaps it’s the truth that we expect every little thing to it is in ok when in reality, shedding weight does no take far from our need to face the demons the haunt the obese versions of ourselves. Perhaps it’s because of unreal expectations set by miracle load loss products.


The things that acquired us here need to it is in acknowledged.

“There are factors people end up being big. That protection. The layers that protection.”

I’m not around to ~ pretend that we all have actually the same road that led united state to obesity, yet Rosie initially obtained a far-reaching amount of weight after her first talk present started. The weight was a security from judgment. The weight is something she could blame every failures or mistake on.

“Because i’m fat, lock didn’t like my show.”“Because i’m fat, The relationship didn’t work.”“Because ns fat, i didn’t gain the job.”

Knowing exactly how we acquired here is precisely what we need to discover prior to we can number out just how to acquire away indigenous it. Some of us faced an essential parents and found safety and comfort in overeating. Few of us used food together a security blanket. Few of us eat once we’re emotional: sad, tired, angry, emotional, lonely. Several of us have actually addictive personalities. Every little thing it is the led us here, it’s crucial to recognize that something developed this desire in us.

For me, I had to recognize that ns was using food as a technique of avoiding my genuine issues. And also the truth is that for a while, i ironically offered weight loss as another way of avoiding my genuine issues. Ns was running from my problems, first with doritos and also later with actual running. If ns hadn’t quit running and also turned to confront them, I would only have ballooned again.

Some human being can’t shed weight the “normal” way.

“People who have actually obesity, metabolic , castle can’t shed it. If castle could, they would. I recognize some civilization would argue through that.”

Link to video of this.

This is an interesting premise, and I’m not certain I totally agree through it. However the reality is that the science is kind of still out on this issue. Metabolic Syndrome is identified as having at the very least three that the five following risky conditions: large waistline, blood glucose issues, high bad triglycerides, low an excellent triglycerides or high blood pressure.

What science isn’t sure of is if these space the cause of weight get or that weight gain brings this on. Experts almost entirely agree that weight ns and/or dietary changes will assist alleviate some of these issues. Yet are few of us metabolically broken and physically unable to lose weight?


But one point I’m sure of is that if you think you are unable to shed weight, you definitely couldn’t. And for world like this, world like Rosie, load loss surgical procedure is a great option.

Important Sidenote: girlfriend aren’t much better than civilization that did that with surgery so STFU.

Sometimes ns think that natural weight losers are genuine jerks around weight lose surgeries. Ns did it the “old fashioned” means without surgery and that functioned for me. Yet who the heck am ns to judge someone else’s path to an excellent health? stop cheer each other on no matter how they gained here. Yes sir nothing wrong with surgery. Disagree with that stance? I’d love come hear from you much better than other civilization guy.

You don’t have to keep up v the Jasmins Joneses.

“I have never gained due to the fact that I began losing. Periodically I only lose a half a pound in the totality month, however that’s ok, because anything much more than this would flip me out emotionally.”


Rosie’s course was a slow-moving one. She shed 55 pounds in one year and is quiet not whereby her doctors want come be. Yet she is totally ok with her trip going the means that that has and I think the is healthy. She even remarks the her doctors wish she’d lost more weight appropriate now, however she has actually seen her trip go slow but steady in the appropriate direction.

Such a beautiful, healthy place to it is in mentally and also I have to admit, I have actually struggled come get and stay in ~ this place. It’s so tempting to to compare our ability to lose weight or even the speed whereby we execute to others. We view those substantial weight ns numbers placed up by the human being at the best loser camp and also think that we should be able to do the same. When we can’t, we beat ourself up and think we’re worthless.

Not Rosie. She committed to a journey and not a tempo and she has been a success by every accounts and also this is coming from who who lost 4 times the amount in one year. The rate is irrelevant, that the direction that matters.

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In a league of she own.

—–And that’s what i learned indigenous Rosie O’Donnell. What around you? What have the right to you find out from Rosie?