Despite the last episode airing in 2015, Shipping Wars is quiet a staple on the network, airing reruns that the show. Especially throughout a time as soon as most brand-new shows space on organize until further notice, the reruns the the series are getting viewers right into the show all over again.

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Roy Garber, among the show's clip truckers, is explained as a "jack-of-all-trades" and a "major know-it-all."

"From TIG welding to recording alligators, he appears to have actually experience through everything and hasn’t discovered a load or situation he couldn’t tackle (and isn’t afraid to tell friend so)," his A&E bio reads. "One that the optimal earners in the country, Roy began Arbie’s Team carry after elevating his son, Travis, by himself for over 18 years. As a master tradesman, Roy supported his son by running a tiny home building and also remodeling company.


"Roy has actually made shipping a full-time job and passion. An avid fisherman and master scuba diver, he occasionally heads to the deep waters the the Gulf coastline in quest of the largest shark he can find."

While Roy to be a staple component of the Shipping wars family, he stopped appearing on the present in its last seasons. What occurred to Roy, and why was he no on Shipping Wars?

Unfortunately, Roy's lack was due to his passing. According to TMZ, Roy passed far in January 2014 ~ a love attack. The was only 49 in ~ the time.

His girlfriend at the time confirmed with TMZ that Roy was rushed to the hospital in Texas after experiencing a love attack, though he didn't make it.


“We room deeply saddened through the loss of a member of the A&E family,” the network stated in a statement around Roy's passing, according to Variety. “Our thoughts space with Roy’s loved ones during this challenging time. He will be missed.”

Roy's heart attack may have actually happened 6 years earlier now, yet those who song in come the show's reruns are just learning the his passing. Shipping battles made a short tribute to Roy on among the episodes the aired soon after the incident.


"All I want to speak is that i really delighted in watching the show due to the fact that of Roy. God bless Roy," one user left top top the obituary for Roy.

"I really delighted in watching you on the show. My husband is also from Texas and constantly v your means of trucking. You will certainly be missed," another commented.

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"Just started watching present a month earlier and then Roy to be gone," an additional message read. "He was my favourite on the show. Unable to do ..but ns will never ever forget Roy. He made the present worth watching. Condolences come his family."

In total, there space over 1,600 message on his page, starting just ~ his passing, with the most recent ones indigenous June 2020. 

Those that wish to proceed to relive Roy's storage can also watch complete episodes that Shipping wars on the A&E YouTube channel.

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