‘Shipping Wars’ star Roy Garber tragically passed away from a deadly heart attack onJanuary 17, 2014. Roy will certainly not continue to be in the existing season of his hit truth series, yet he did appear in two episodes in Season 6. Click to watch Roy’s last moments.

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Season 6 ofShipping Warsis just not the exact same without the lateRoy Garber, that passed away earlier this year. Roywas featured in 2 brand new episodes, whichpremiered ~ above June 3, 2014, and werehis last.To respect Roy, take it a look at his critical moments on the series.

Roy Garber’s last Moments on ‘Shipping Wars’

Roy Garber to be a fan favorite personality on A&E’sShipping Wars so when he all of sudden passed away from a heart attack, fans were shocked and also saddened. Lock were additionally surprised to see Roy ~ above the show’s June 3 premiere.

buzzpatterson.com evidenced with the network that those final two episodes would certainly be Roy’s last. To honor Roy, we have his last moments below for his pan to watch.

Roy meets up v a regulate freak client, in the clip above, and also has to ship an arcade game. Watching Roy reminds us what a good guy the was, and how much we’ll miss out on him!

Roy Garber die At 49

The Shipping Wars‘stardiedon January 17, 2014 from a significant heart assault — Roy had suffered native a love complication, his household said.

The 49-year-old, who was defined as “a severe jack-of-all-trades, and a major know-it-all,” left behind his longtime girl friend who shown his death and his son,Travis.

“We space deeply saddened through the loss of a member the the A&E family,” claimed the network, at the time ofRoy’s death. “Our thoughts are with Roy’s loved ones throughout this complicated time. He will certainly be missed.”

Our thoughts space with Roy’s loved ones, right here at buzzpatterson.com, too.

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buzzpatterson.comrs, are you a fan ofShipping Wars? leave a comment below to honor Roy.

—Elizabeth Wagmeister


— Elizabeth Wagmeister


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