Salma Hayek has opened up around about being subjected to sexist accusations that she married she husband François-Henri Pinault for money, divulging just how she commonly responds too.

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Oscar-nominated gibbs Hayek has been married to Pinault due to the fact that 2009. They also have a daughter together, Valentina, that they welcomed in 2007.

Pinault is the CEO that French luxury fashion house Kering, which homes brands such together Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga.

Appearing ~ above Dax Shepard"s podcast Armchair Expert, the host praised Pinault when in conversation with the Frida actor calling the "generous", "fun" and also "sexy" before saying: "I didn"t know who the was. I simply heard or maybe read in a headline the you had actually married a very rich guy, possibly that"s why she married him. Ns don"t know. I accomplish him and also I"m like, "this man is so foxy, the confidence, his eyes, he"s so good looking and charming"."

Hayek, the course, i agree describing she husband as "the best" prior to praising him because that "making a much much better person and also grow in such a good, healthy way".

The mother-of-one continued to define the ignorant assumptions directed her method when she and Pinault married, and how gradually her an answer is come let the length, love and stability the her marital relationship speak because that itself.


"When ns married him, everybody said, "it"s an arranged marriage, she"s marrying him for the money". I"m like, "yeah everything b*tch, think what you want". Fifteen year together and we are solid in love and I don"t even get offended."

Hayek ongoing to say the she thinks there is likewise a discrimination towards "rich men" as a human being may assume that they space not "a an excbuzzpatterson.comnt person" and also are just "materialistic", saying that she too had actually preconceptions about her husband before she acquired to recognize him.

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"He melted them all away," she explained. "... It"s not simply an humiliation to me, I"m not the just one gift judged saying "she"s an actor, she"s gone because that the money". Castle cannot begin to imagine what a happiness that person being is."

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