The actress and show creator is leaving The Talk to emphasis on her family and also other career opportunities.


On April 9, Sara Gilbert announced that she"s leaving The Talk after 9 years to "have balance" in her life.The Roseanne star has three children: Levi Hawk, Sawyer Jane, and Rhodes Emilio. Complying with her separation from Allison Adler, she married songwriter and music producer Linda Perry in 2014.

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On Tuesday"s episode of The Talk, the show"s creator Sara Gilbert announced that she"s stepping far from the popular daytime display for more "balance" and also to pursue other work. The height project on her list? Spending an ext time with wife Linda Perry and their 3 children. If the show creator, producer, and star the Roseanne has managed to keep her personal life exclusive throughout the years, here"s whatever we know about her family.

November 2011: Sara Gilbert reveals she"s date Linda Perry ~ above The Talk.

2011 confirmed to it is in a year of significant highs and also serious lows for Sara. After gift picked increase by CBS the previous year, The Talk was currently averaging 1.83 million viewers per episode, beating out various other competitors. During that same year, however, Sara and also her longtime girl friend Allison Adler break-up after 10 years together. Regardless of their breakup, the couple who were parents come two youngsters — Levi Hank, born to Adler in October 2004, and also Sawyer Jane, born come Sara in august 2007 — still had "a most love for each other."

Just a couple of month later, Sara gushed to her The talk cohosts around the new lady in she life: singer, songwriter, producer, and also former 4 no Blondes front mrs Linda Perry. When she continued to be mum about how the pair met, she revealed the they were viewed by paparazzi, prompting she to notice the news. Throughout the next couple of years, Linda made number of guest appearances ~ above the famous CBS present to promote she charity work and brand-new music.

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April 2013: The couple gets engaged.

Now that same-sex marriage was ultimately legal in California, the couple decided it to be time to make things official. Linda do the first move: "She go to her backpack and she pulls the end these T-shirts and also the first T-Shirt claims "will" and also then puts on another T-shirt and also it says, "you," then "marry," "me," Sara recalled ~ above The Talk. "It to be the many amazing proposal ever." To peak it off, the people picnicking next to them, that were actually hired by Linda, play "Love Song" on cable instruments.

When reflecting on their relationship, Linda called Entertainment tonight that "there"s no doubt around Sara and I are claimed to it is in together." when she to be excited about the future of marriage, the singer feeling confident the the engagement wouldn"t influence their relationship. "It in reality doesn"t feel any type of different due to the fact that Sara and I have actually such a base relationship," Linda told Artisan News.

March 2014: The pair gets married in Malibu.


After virtually four year of dating, the couple wed in an intimate awareness in Malibu, California. The night was all around friends, family, and also of course, music. "We chose that we want to be together and also enjoy people’s company, since I think human being miss that component of your wedding. We want to lug everybody v us down the hill and have this communal feeling," Sara stated on The Talk. Similar to their proposal, Linda had an additional musical trick up her sleeve. After ~ serenading Sara with John Lennon"s "Love," Linda surprised she wife through a performance by Annabella Lwin from Bow Wow Wow, Martha Davis from The Motels, Dale Bozzio from missing Persons, and Terri Nunn native Berlin.

Party aside, the wedding itself was a milestone because that the happy couple. "It feels much more different 보다 you expect. You feel prefer you’re part of this institution and it’s official, and, oh, I far better not chaos this up. Girlfriend feel more secure in a way and girlfriend feel prefer you’ve yes, really committed and it’s not about, can I resolve this or not attend to it. The becomes, just how will we resolve our connection together," Sara claimed on The Talk after her wedding.

February 2015: Sara provides birth.


First comes love, climate comes marital relationship ... Then comes a baby. Although the pair was currently parents to Sara"s two kids from her previous relationship, castle agreed that it was crucial for them to have actually a baby of their own. "I knew when we got married the Linda necessary a baby. That also though we were a family — the four of us — she essential to follow a tiny soul from work one," Sara stated while gift honored at family Equality Council"s 2016 LA influence Awards.

During a taping the The Talk, Sara announced that the couple were expecting their very first child together. She offered birth come Rhodes Emilio ~ above February 28, 2015.

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Nearly a year later, Linda talked about the impact motherhood has had actually on her life and marriage: "Sara and I, she"s readjusted my life. We were talking around having a baby and we defined this little human. He"s in my life. That man that us were talk about, that little human is sitting upstairs in the hotel room and I can"t believe it. He"s readjusted my life," Linda stated at family Equality Council"s 2016 LA affect Awards.

April 2019: Sara announces she"s leaving The Talk to spend an ext time v her family.

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With the comeback the Roseanne (now The Conners) and the success that The Talk, Sara admitted come viewers that she has actually too lot on she plate, particularly with her three farming children. Now that her children are 14, 11, and 4 year old, the mommy is busier than ever, i m sorry is part of the factor why she"s pulling ago from the CBS show. "I love it and felt completely empowered, but also, if I’m gift honest about it, my life was slightly the end of balance. Ns wasn’t may be to spend as much time v my three kids as I’d like, or time because that myself," Sara reflect on she decision to exit.

Along with new acting and also production opportunities, the 44-year-old is looking front to spending an ext time v her wife and children. And also now she might even have time to complete Rhodes Emilio"s baby publication ... At least that"s she goal.

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