Rumors about the quarterback dating Shailene Woodley have actually circulated ~ above the internet since the time of his shocking separation from Danica Patrick critical July.

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN – might 27: Danica Patrick, driver of the #13 GoDaddy Chevrolet kisses Aaron Rodgers before the 102nd running of the Indianapolis 500 at Indianapolis Motorspeedway on might 27, 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by kris Graythen/Getty Images)

News broke Wednesday that Aaron Rodgers is date actress Shailene Woodley, his very first high-profile romance since his shocking split last summer from NASCAR driver Danica Patrick.

Shailene Woodley speaks onstage throughout CinemaCon 2018 in las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty pictures for CinemaCon)Multiple sources confirmed the romance to both E! News and also People. E! News reported the the green Bay Packers quarterback, 37, and also the “Big small Lies” star, 29, have been transporting on a “low-key,” long-distance relationship for some time.
Saturday night, in his accept speech after ~ winning the NFL Most an useful Player award, Rodgers announced that he is engaged. The did not say come whom. The idea of the Rodgers-Woodley pairing is nothing new. It’s to be simmering in specific corners that the net since roughly the time he break-up from Patrick in July.
Sports gossip website reported that month that Rodgers may have actually left Patrick because that Woodley after Patrick introduced him to the actress. Numerous thought the Rodgers had finally discovered his perfect partner in Patrick after his three-year connection with film and also TV star Olivia Munn ended in 2017. That partnership was supposedly tested by Rodgers’ Chico-based family who told the “they didn’t to trust (Munn) and didn’t think she was v him for the appropriate reasons.” Rodgers and also Patrick, ~ above the other hand, appeared destined to become a brand-new royal sports pair because they shared backgrounds as rich, famous and also successful athletes. They additionally had purchase a $28 million mansion together in Malibu, Patrick stated they had talked marriage, and also Rodgers on regular basis praised her on Instagram and called she a calming influence on his life.
LOS ANGELES, CA – JULY 18: NFL player Aaron Rodgers (L) and host Danica Patrick attend The 2018 ESPYS at Microsoft theatre on July 18, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)But shortly after Rodgers’ reps evidenced that he and also Patrick had actually split, he to be being connected to Woodley, v reporting the the two had seemed “quite cozy” during a pilgrimage to Lake Tahoe. Patrick, top top the other hand, to be “quite devastated,” added, which was among the first sites to expose that Rodgers and Patrick were dating in December 2017.
Given exactly how much his two-year partnership with Patrick played the end in public, that now appears that Rodgers was eager to save his romance with Woodley under wraps. So, up till this week, his link with Woodley was an unproven rumor. But even as “multiple” sources shown to both E! News and People the Rodgers and Woodley space an item, the outlets didn’t say just how the NFL star and also “Divergent” actor met or what they have in common. A “insider” only told human being that Rodgers “seems an extremely happy through Woodley,” when a source for E! News just said: “They have seen every other and also been in touch. They proceed to talk and also see every other when they can.” Woodley, though, could have a thing around professional athletes. She shown in January 2018 that she was date rugby player Ben Volavola, by share a photograph on Instagram stories of she kissing him, civilization reported. Through April 2020, however, Woodley revealed come the brand-new York Times the they had damaged up. “We’re societally conditioned come assume the one person can be ours end-all, be-all. This is a principle I’ve been thinking around often ideal now, due to the fact that I’m an extremely much single, and also I’ve favored to be single for a while,” Woodley said the Times. If and the other outlets space right, Woodley wasn’t single for long before becoming romantic through Rodgers. The E! News source added the they shot to make time because that each other, return both “are really focused on your careers.” for Rodgers, that method being in eco-friendly Bay, Wisconsin when he’s no on the road. His season finished Jan. 24 once the eco-friendly Bay Packers lost to Tom Brady’s Tampa bay Buccaneers in the NFC Championship Game. Because that Woodley, that means working in Montreal to film a new crime movie called “Misanthrope,” E! News reported. While maintaining their reported romantic under wraps, Rodgers and Woodley have spoken out recently about feeling happy in your lives. In September, Rodgers speak on the play McAfee Show about his “new and increased love that life.” Why is
AaronRodgers12 having so lot fun? Let's hear that #PatMcAfeeShowLIVE — play McAfee (

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PatMcAfeeShow) September 22, 2020 “I’ve do decisions and also changes and habits that put me in a lot much better headspace and also there’s just a most things that have actually come together in my life end the last few months that have really to be enjoyable,” Rodgers said. The continued, “That’s why I’m having actually so much fun and also it starts v love. And also then neighboring yourself with people that you really enjoy.”

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Meanwhile, Woodley gained candid around “true” sexual intimacy last month in a guest shaft she wrote for the men’s website, Leo. In comment a fan’s question around whether a woman should leave one otherwise growing relationship if the sex is “not great.” Woodley wrote: “‘Bad sex,’ in my opinion, is simply two human being who haven’t quite found the language that speaks come their distinct lives together yet. Or, two people who don’t know just how to it is in deeply vulnerable with one another.” “That (expletive) have the right to take time,” Woodley advised. “And return you occasionally and really rarely do accomplish someone who you spontaneously sexually combust through — many of the time, sex is a class in true intimacy.”