As that 2021, the Osbournes have actually racked up an exceptional 39 years of marriage. V the highs and lows of life ~ above tour and on TV, the pair have remained together. What"s their mystery to success? Here"s how Ozzy and also Sharon Osbourne make it work. 

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Ozzy and Sharon first met in 1971 once she to be 18, per an excellent Housekeeping. As soon as they crossed paths, Sharon was functioning for she father who taken place to it is in the music executive that landed black color Sabbath. Ozzy was married at the moment to his first wife, Thelma Riley, yet the 2 would later on divorce. He and also Sharon wouldn"t fulfill for one more eight years when Ozzy was no much longer a part of black Sabbath. Sharon available to manage his solo career, a decision that released their love life. They started dating shortly thereafter and also would go on to gain married in Maui, Hawaii top top July 4, 1982. In the complying with three years, they would certainly welcome their 3 children; Aimee, in September 1983, Kelly, in October 1984, and Jack, in November 1985.

On their 39th anniversary, Sharon mutual an Instagram post of your wedding photo. "Thank you because that 39 year ... We succeed together," she wrote. "You are my soul, mine life. What a great life we have lived therefore far, the ideal thing is there"s an ext to come. Every job is an adventure, every day ns love you much more and respect friend more. My soulmate, my love and my friend here"s come our following adventure! Love friend always."


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The marital relationship hasn"t been every sunshine and rainbows, as longtime fans might recall. Ozzy and also Sharon Osbourne have endured not only infidelity but likewise an attack that resulted in Ozzy being arrested for attempted murder (per us Weekly). So how did they manage to do it? Well, sex for one thing. Speak on her present "The Talk" in 2020, Sharon mutual some the their an ext intimate details and also explained exactly how that intimacy alters throughout the years. 

"Speaking for the older ladies here: when you"re in a relationship, her relationship has highs and lows," Sharon said, (per People). "Sex changes that it"s no just around the sex, it"s around the intimacy. It"s around being v that person that you love. They love you. It simply changes. Those goosebumps the you got transforms to something else. It"s a warmth. It"s a respect. The is a emotion of love and also comfort, therefore those butterflies change to the comfort."

However, she likewise shared the her love for she husband has actually changed. "Probably, really, just months back because he to be trying so hard to it is in a far better person — no hope trying, functioning his program, working v his therapist every day and also trying so hard," she said. "I just had actually a newfound love and also I respected him due to the fact that he"s serious trying to it is in a far better person." despite their rocky history, Sharon and also Ozzy continue to discover that lull in one another.