They’ve been together for more than six years now, yet Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello‘s relationship proceeds to gain stronger from the day they very first fell in love. Since then, we’ve watched castle live their ideal lives at red carpet movie premieres, in super cute Instagram posts and also even in PDA-packed windy outings.

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As fans know, Sofia and Joe’s whirlwind romance had actually a quick start considering castle were involved just 6 months after ~ they started dating in June 2014. The Modern Family star and also the Magic Mike gibbs made their love main when castle exchanged vows much less than one year later on in November 2015.


Throughout your years together, Sofia and Joe have actually quickly become one the Hollywood’s many enviable pairs. Whether they’re gushing end each other on social media or enjoying household time with the TV star’s just son, Manolo Vergara, fans can’t get enough of their sweet adventures as a married couple.

True love in Hollywood is tough to find, but Joe dished that couldn’t feeling luckier to have crossed paths with the SAG award winner. “My life is great because i really choose my wife,” he once adorably shared with Men’s Health. “I like talking to her. I favor goofing about with her. Us f–king laugh every day long every day. My favorite thing in the human being is making my mam laugh so much she cries. The the best.”


The True Blood actor even dished the one details quality that attracted him to Sofia ideal off the bat. “I love that she knows just how to take care of herself, obviously, since I essential to be with somebody confident,” the explained. “It take away a really strong and secure separation, personal, instance to take care of the varieties of tasks I’ve done.”

Even though Joe has actually been the reason for Sofia’s smile, the still can’t think he to be lucky sufficient to loss in love with her. “The greatest adjustment in marriage? coming to grips through the idea that someone who is not concerned you might possibly love you the much. She to be it for me,” he when dished to Cigar Aficionado. “People say points like, ‘Marriage and relationships space work.’ but it’s not. Life is hard. Having somebody to aid you resolve it is the greatest thing that ever before happened.”


While it seems Joe can’t get enough of the doting mom of one, yes no denying Sofia feel the exact same. “I’m very lucky. I was therefore lucky. Ns must have done other really, really ideal in my life to gain that reward,” the Chef actress marveled during an figure on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I’m good, however not a very, very good person. Ns good, but he’s much better than me.”

Scroll v the gallery listed below to check out a finish timeline the Sofia and Joe’s miracle love story!


May 2014

Their love story an initial began when Sofia met the handsome hunk at the White residence Correspondents’ Dinner in may 2014. Return she was through ex-fiancé Nick Loeb in ~ the time, Joe dished he had a difficult timing maintaining his eyes off the actress. That night, that even controlled to muster increase the courage to ask she to take it a photo with him!

Joe then got to out to Sofia’s costar Jesse Tyler Ferguson and request for her number ~ she referred to as off she engagement v the American businessman. Simply weeks after they an initial met, the two covertly went on their an initial date.


June 2014

Joe and also Sofia walk on their first date in June 2014. However, the actor detailed she had actually her guard up.

“Our an initial date to be her providing me every reason why that would never work out,” he explained to Haute Living. “Like, ‘You’re also young, she an actor, you’re this, she that,’ and also she was simply doing it to hear it s her say it. She to be trying to speak herself the end of walk there.”

August 2014

At the time, it no take lengthy for fans to catch on to your budding romance. Although castle tried to be low-key — meaning weekend getaways, frank Instagram pics and lavish date of birth celebrations — fans quickly pieced with each other that the two were romantically linked.

In august 2014, Sofia happily evidenced she and also Joe to be officially exclusive. “You know, i’m just having a good time. The a unique time in my life, and also I’m trying not to think too much about it,” she gushed come Extra. “It’s something really new, so us will check out what happens.”

November 2014

Things really started heating up as soon as the couple moved in with each other in November 2014. The Hot quest star opened up up about the amazing life adjust during an figure on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“I left him home packing mine things,” Sofia quipped. “We’ve had actually help, and also he’s act his stuff. He has a lot of books that i don’t recognize where ns going come put. We have a wine cellar and also I was like, oh, possibly that’s whereby we must put them rather of wine.’ he doesn’t desire to placed them in storage!”

December 2014

Joe showed meeting Sofia to be love at an initial sight after acquiring down top top one knee during their trip to Hawaii over your Christmas holidays in December 2014. “Our very first date was in June, and then ns proposed to she on Christmas Eve; around six months. When you know, girlfriend know, and also we knew best away — like, really quickly,” the told Haute Living.

Joe also dished the romantic method he asked for Sofia’s hand in marriage. “We had actually this large bay home window , and also the sunlight was going down pink over the mountains and over the bay, and also I had this ring,” that explained. “I had looked at every ring in the world, and this is the ring that i wanted. I had actually a entirety speech prepared in Spanish. I proposed to she on one knee in Spanish with the sun going down. It was awesome.”

November 2015

The dynamic duo made things official one year later on November 22, 2015. Sofia and Joe threw an immaculate, fairy tales wedding at The Breakers will in Palm Beach, Florida, surrounded by hundreds of their closest friends and family. Following their nuptials, the newlyweds celebrated with a romantic honeymoon in ~ the Parrot Cay resort in Turks and also Caicos.

November 2019

Sofia and also Joe proved they’re life a life the wedded bliss as they celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary in November 2019. The twosome commemorated the special day by sharing touching tributes on social media.

“Happy anniversary, mi amor!” Sofia gushed alongside a pic of the pair at your wedding, when Joe shared another snapshot from their unique day and offered the same sweet sentiment. “Happy 4th anniversary, mi amor!” the sweetly penned.

June 2020

The enviable pair honored the sixth anniversary of their an initial date. As well as doting on each other with heartwarming short articles on Instagram, Sofia revealed just how they significant the milestone.

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“Thank girlfriend Manolo, Claudia and others because that our surprised anniversary dinner date in quarantine,” she captioned a picture of her and also Joe at the dinner table set with a lavish meal and also romantic candles.

Sofia and also Joe’s seemingly permanent smiles prove lock going come be with each other forever!