Update: The creator of Sofia the very first answered my questions

I have actually a daughter the will rotate 4 in a couple of months. Considering we spend a good deal that time together and I live in a place far from countless of mine friends, she is most likely my ideal friend. She’s an remarkable person, full of life, vitality, jokes, and also questions. Oh, the questions.

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From the beginning, us didn’t force her come play with any toys or watch any kind of shows based upon gender identity (not because we’re an excellent liberals, though we are, but because we didn’t think around it). Thus, she loves every sorts of films and also shows with all kinds of protagonists indigenous Little Einsteins to Super Why come Mickey mouse Clubhouse come Sheriff Callie’s Wild West to most of the Pixar and also Disney films. I’ve even started to gain her right into Batman: The animated Series.

Like so plenty of young girls, she’s drawn to princesses. She loves Anna and Elsa, Aurora and also Belle, Cinderella and also Snow White. Her favorite by much is Rapunzel. If asked to select a second favorite, it’d it is in a battle between Minnie Mouse, Ariel, and also Sofia.

If friend don’t have kids and also are because of this able to clock non-animated shows at any type of time of the day or night, you might not be familiar with Sofia. Voiced by Modern Family‘s Ariel Winter, the titular character of the Disney Junior show Sofia the First, Sofia is a girl the modest origins from the town of Dunwiddie in the kingdom the Enchancia who ended up being a princess ~ her mommy married King Roland II. Together the show’s design template song explains in the first lines:

“I to be a girl in the village doing all right/Then I came to be a princess overnight”

The king currently had twins, a son and also a daughter, James and also Amber.

Think that The Brady Brunch meets Cinderella.

The show premiered together a movie title Once upon a Princess that created 5 million viewers and led to a series, the illustration of i beg your pardon hover around 2 million viewers. Various other voices top top the show include Wayne Brady as a rabbit obsessed v food and also naps (like Garfield) and Tim Gunn together Baileywick, the often hapless however kind castle steward. Ellie Kemper, Eric Stonestreet, Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman, Ginnifer Goodwin, Bonnie Hunt, Jeffrey Tambor, and much more also voice personalities on occasion. 

When Sofia’s mother, Miranda, marries King Roland, he speak Sofia to call him Dad and also gives she the Amulet of Avalor, a necklace and charm that has actually magical powers, enabling her to speak to animals and also call various other princesses when she’s in problem (and even transform into a mermaid). This allows Disney come cross-promote their developed princesses as surprised guest stars like when Sammy Davis, Jr. Would pop the end of a window to talk to Batman and also Robin in the 1966 Batman TV show.

In every episode, Sofia find herself in some sort of jam, a princess often shows as much as help, and also everything ends happily, every in twenty minutes. Again, just like The Brady Bunch.

That’s the gist.

This is a present I’ve been watching for a couple of years, having seen each episode at least three times, therefore in honor of mine daughter’s non-saw queries, below are mine ten greatest questions regarding this show:

There is a sorcerer who stays in the basement that the castle. His surname is Cedric the Sensational. However, in the early on episodes, Sofia preserved pronouncing it together “Seedrick,” also as he repeatedly corrected her. Why? and also why go it simply stop one day? for someone supposedly therefore clever, this made her look rather dumb.Amber is frequently jealous the Sofia’s amulet, also stealing that from Sofia’s neck one night in she sleep. This begs the question: why walk King Roland give a miracle amulet (that we later on learn to be owned by his sister once she was a child) come his stepdaughter yet not his own organic child?Speaking that which, King Roland II is frequently referred to as the biggest king Enchancia has ever had. Why? the fucks up constantly and does very small to aid those that aren’t additionally kings. One day, he lets his prepubescent kid be king for a job so he deserve to go relax. He’s the George W. Bush of royalty. Exactly how is that the best? was Enchancia formerly helmed by Stalin and Hitler?What taken place to Roland’s wife? Originally, I thought it was perhaps a Henry VIII type of thing, yet he has actually a son, so the can’t be it. ~ above the upper and lower reversal side, what taken place to Miranda’s husband?It’s apparent that Roland and also Miranda acquire married very quickly after meeting. Why the shotgun wedding? was she pregnant? What taken place to the baby? did she have dirt on the king the she provided to blackmail him? Or is Roland a serial monogamist who demands to be in a connection at all times?Why doesn’t Sofia satisfy her (step)father or (step)siblings till the work of the wedding? lock never had actually a get-to-know-you dinner beforehand? What about the rehearsal? Similarly, as soon as Ariel mirrors up to help, she’s a mermaid, yet at the finish of The tiny Mermaid, she has taken on a human type and married Eric. Again, how? (Update: follow to mine sister-in-law, one amateur Ariel scholar: “It’s usually the synopsis of The tiny Mermaid II – at the end, she daughter Melody choose to partake in the human and mermaid people so it’s reasonable come assume the she and Ariel have the right to pretty much go ago and forth as they please.”)

Finally, this isn’t really a question, yet in part episodes Sofia is extremely clever, insightful, and prescient, yet other times she’s completely naive or, worse, disbelieving. This is a girl the talks to animals and also has princesses show up when she needs them, yet she’s quiet adamant that certain things can’t probably be true. And also she never learns from her mistakes. She is continuous betrayed by poor spirits and also animals pretending to it is in good. I recognize this is expected to present how she has a great heart and also believes in the person race, but I watch it together a significant character flaw.

This show infuriates the hell out of me. Can’t wait to watch the following 100 episodes.

After reading this, the show’s creator answered my questions. Review them by click here.

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