Steve-O all set For Jackass 4 By being Paralyzed indigenous The belt Down notorious Jackass stuntman, Steve-O, states that he intentionally had himself paralyzed from the waist down in preparation for the release of Jackass 4.

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Notorious Jackass star, Steve-O, claims that he ready for the upcoming movie, Jackass 4, by gift paralyzed from the waist down. The recent installment in the hugely popular stupid stunt franchise has been a long time coming, through Jackass 3 having arrived over a decade ago. Earlier then, things were much various for the Jackass crew 보다 they at this time are, but one point that consistently doesn’t seem come pose a difficulty for the males is aging.

From its faster stages together an MTV collection in the early on 2000s, Jackass broke brand-new ground. Recognized for its capability to shock, disgust and also prompt fits that incredulous laughter, the TV program conveniently evolved right into a series of feature films, with each rate seeking to outdo the vault one. Audiences couldn’t acquire enough, however while the Jackass crew was constantly ready to hazard life and limb for fun or a laugh, points were becoming increasingly significant for several of its members. The fatality of Ryan Dunn in 2011 after ~ a automobile accident marked a transforming point in the Jackass era, an especially for finest friend, Bam Margera. In the years due to the fact that Dunn’s death, Margera has actually struggled v substance abuse and also depression, come the point where he was cut from Jackass 4 due to the fact that he could not remain sober transparent the production.

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No stranger to his own past challenges with regard to drugs and alcohol, Steve-O has actually been fit and also sober because that 13 year now. One could think that the Jackass star’s sobriety would result in playing things a tiny safer, however that definitely isn’t the case. In a new video indigenous the Steveo official YouTube channel, the 46-year-old stuntman discover a prolonged list of means in which he’s preparing himself and also fans because that the arrival of Jackass 4. One specifically cringeworthy stunt associated getting a doctor to dress as a clown and also inject a four inch needle right into Steve-O’s spine, so that he would certainly be paralyzed native the belt down:

It no seem choose Steve-O ever before tires of comes up with new ways come make world wince, and this capability is arguably one of the greatest reasons why Jackass is still successful today. The truth that he’s coming up with stunts prefer this top top his own says that those going to be included in Jackass 4 can be even an ext ridiculous, and also that’s a hugely attractive prospect for fans of the franchise. Johnny Knoxville has previously stated that the existing ages of the Jackass crew has actually made the stunts also funnier, and this really well could be the case.

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But if Steve-O deliberately has had himself paralyzed in the lead up to Jackass 4, the still difficult to say exactly how the new film will certainly be received. If the previous is any type of indication, then Steve-O and the other Jackass guys have actually a big hit on your hands. However, it has been a long time since anyone visited the theatre to view a Jackass movie, and also as such, there’s always the risk that what provided to keep audiences laughing and grossed out can not be such a draw today. Time will certainly tell just how this recent entry fares, yet a decade later or not, it will certainly be hard not to watch together Jackass provides its return.