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over the previous decade, billionaire presidential candidate Tom Steyer has reinvented self from fossil fuel funder come climate crusader. He got to a network worth of $1.6 billion as a hedge fund manager that invested in coal, oil, and gas (among various other things). However lately, he’s become better known as an activist and donor hell-bent on removed Donald Trump native office and funding a change away from the fossil fuels that assisted him get rich.

In July, Steyer stepped down from top his should Impeach campaign in stimulate to enter the autonomous primary race. He is polling at just 1 percent, however he’ll take it the stage throughout the disputes tonight. Taking on climate change, that says, is his peak priority.

The Verge talked v Steyer about his fossil-fueled past and what the sees because that the future that energy.

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This interview has been edited for length and also clarity.

What is your an answer now that the president has actually been impeached?

It is an example to me the grassroots organizing and also grassroots strength from the people, dragging Washington to carry out the right thing.

You make money indigenous fossil fuels, and you haven’t fully wound down those investments. Does that dispute with your calls to activity on climate change?

Look, once I was to run our invest firm, we invested in every component of the economy. End a decade ago, i realized the the energy that was fueling the economic climate in America and also around the world had this huge unintended repercussion of climate change. So ns did divest. I did take the offering Pledge to give the bulk of mine money far while ns alive. I started to organize come work against the climate crisis and also to occupational to fix it. If yes sir any component of the for some legal reason that ns haven’t to be able come divest in my portfolio, ns promised the I would certainly give any money that comes out of it far to charity. So over there is no conflict.

“We all come indigenous a fossil fuel economy.”

Really, what I’m asking Americans to do is precisely what i did. Us all come from a fossil fuel economic situation — every among us — and we must realize the that’s not something that we intended to have actually a poor consequence, however it turns out that it does. So we all need to change and perform what i did, i beg your pardon is to push as hard as possible toward clean energy and toward addressing the climate crisis.

The us has become a net exporter of herbal gas. Would certainly you gain the united state off of organic gas?

Absolutely. There to be a theory 10 years back that it was the leg fuel since we can get onto natural gas, and also it had fifty percent as plenty of greenhouse gases every kilowatt-hour as coal. Transforms out, that’s not really true. That theory was, in practice, wrong because of escaped methane. We have the modern technology to move to clean energy right now. We have actually the modern technology to relocate to wind, solar, and batteries. And also that’s what we should be doing. There’s no reason whatsoever come think that natural gas is an reliable bridge fuel.

“There’s no factor whatsoever to think that natural gas is an reliable bridge fuel.”

What duty would nuclear energy beat in her climate plans?

Nuclear power proposals execute not complete in terms of cost. Right now, any nuclear proposal is much too expensive based upon cost per kilowatt-hour. In addition, over there are concerns with nuclear about danger, friend know, tragedies like Fukushima. The a real question. There’s also no real arrangement to dispose that the toxicity nuclear waste the lasts because that 100,000 years. If we can get nuclear that is cheap whereby we don’t have the peril of explicit nuclear disasters, and also we don’t have a waste handle problem, then nuclear comes right into the picture. Yet right now, the cheapest fuels that we have actually are wind and also solar. They’re currently there; they don’t have actually the attendant threats that nuclear does. Therefore it doesn’t seem come me to make any kind of sense to go to a more expensive, more dangerous fuel as soon as others space available.

And how about carbon capture technologies?

It’s among those things where if you can show me that it was in reality feasible on a huge scale about the world, then carbon catch becomes serious. Best now, it looks much, much, much more expensive 보다 alternatives. And you can’t display me in a useful sense precisely where we’re walking to put the CO2. So best now, I placed it in the same group as nuclear, which is a promising technology. Human being are functioning really hard on it, yet we no at the level whereby you have the right to say it’s ever before going to work. If it does, then fantastic.

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Your climate plan calls because that net-zero carbon emissions by 2045. Will certainly the us still be extracting and burning fossil fuels in a future that’s carbon neutral by 2045?

“This is not organization as usual.”

No. Allow me be clear: this is my number one priority. I would certainly declare a state the emergency on job one. This is not company as usual. I will usage the emergency powers of the presidency to get going on this. You begin with eco-friendly justice in the areas where you can’t breathe the waiting safely or drink the water safely. Management in those neighborhoods is absolutely crucial to getting the right policy, to executing it, and also to making certain that you have actually a justice-based plan. That’s number one. Number two, act this is walk to develop millions the jobs throughout the United says of America, good-paying union jobs. It method rebuilding the country on an accelerated basis. While that a situation that we have to resolve on day one, that is also the greatest opportunity us have ever had to rebuild and reinvent the definition of America, to take on the biggest difficulty in history and succeed.