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GettyActress Tammy Faye Bakker pose because that a photograph at the Outfest 2005 panel because that "Tammy Faye: death Defying" at the directors Guild ~ above July 16, 2005 in Hollywood, California.

Tammy Faye Bakker, a televangelist and ex-wife the Jim Bakker, passed away from colon cancer in 2007 at age 65. Her death followed a an extensive battle with cancer. She was also known as Tammy Faye Messner adhering to her divorce native Jim Bakker and also marriage to Roe Messner.

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The Bakkers lost their financial realm after Jim Bakker’s indictment in 1988 the eight counts of letter fraud, 15 counts of cable fraud and also one counting of conspiracy, alphabet News reported. A jury uncovered him guilty of every 24 counts. He to be sentenced to 45 years in prison and also ordered to pay a $500,000 fine. He was granted a sentence reduction and also paroled ~ serving around 5 years of his sentence, alphabet reported. Tammy Faye Bakker filed for divorce complying with his conviction and married Roe Messner. She was no indicted. Jim Bakker went ago to TV after ~ he was released indigenous prison, and now hosts the Jim Bakker Show.

ABC 20/20 is revisiting the situation on an encore episode, “Unfaithfully Yours.” the airs tonight, Friday, September 3, 2021, at 9 p.m. East time.

Here’s what you should know:

Tammy Faye Bakker Was first Diagnosed through Colon Cancer in 1996 & quit Treatment in 2007

While Jim Bakker remained in prison, Tammy Faye filed for divorce. Soon therafter, she married Roe Messner, the contractor who developed Heritage USA.#ABC2020 #UnfaithfullyYours – starts in ~ 9|8c on abc

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Tammy Faye Bakker’s battle with cancer lasted more than 10 years, according to Reuters. She was diagnosed with colon cancer, and in 2004, announced it had spread to she lungs, Reuters reported. She determined to terminate therapy in 2007, and died around two months later, according to abc News.

She do the announcement that she would protect against treatment on her website, saying that she weighed just 65 pounds and that she was prepared to leaving her condition “up to God and also my faith.”

She created a “final note” on her website simply days before her death. The said:

I have times when I feel an excellent and times as soon as I feel really bad. But, I have actually learned one thing around feelings. They have actually nothing to carry out with confidence in God!!

He is the very same yesterday, today and forever. He never ever changes. That is what the bible says and also God’s word does not lie ever.

Tammy Faye Bakker Married Roe Messner, the Contractor because that Their layout Park, after Jim Bakker was Sentenced to prison Time

Jessica Chastain, Andrew Garfield, Cherry Jones, and director Michael Showalter take it a behind-the-scenes look at at their Tammy Faye Bakker biopic #TheEyesOfTammyFaye, in theater September 17.

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Tammy Faye Bakker filed because that divorce indigenous Jim Bakker after he was sentenced come 45 year in prison for fraud and conspiracy, follow to alphabet News. Although he was released after ~ only five years, Bakker remarried throughout his jail sentence, wedding Roe Messner. Messner was the contractor for Heritage, USA, a theme park design to be a Christian version of Disney World, abc News reported.

Roe Messner was likewise sentenced come time in prison adhering to Bakker’s indictment, abc News reported. In 1996, he to be sentenced to 27 months in commonwealth prison because that bankruptcy fraud, according to abc News.

Roe Messner is alive and well today, follow to his website, wherein he defines himself as “America’s Church Builder.” His website states he has actually built an ext than 1,800 churches.

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“With 1,800 churches built, more than a million human being come together every Sunday in churches designed and built through Roe Messner, the most renowned church builder of ours time,” his website says.