Around a month or so back we uncovered out the damaging news that former WWE Superstar Andrew "Test" Martin happen away. Part were claiming different reasons that why that died.

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Some stated steriods, some said pain killers, etc. But no one knew for certain until the autopsy to be finished and also the outcomes were released. Currently that the outcomes are released below are the findings:

Andrew “Test” Martin’s reason of fatality was Oxycodone intoxication and ruled the manner of death was inadvertently overdose, the Hillsboro County medical examiner called the UK Sun. Prick Bailey, the manager that Operations at Hillsborough county told the Sun

Dr Vernard Adams, Chief clinical Examiner, performed the autopsy that Mr. Andrew young name on in march 14 2009. Additional studies were required to recognize the cause and also manner of death.On April 9 2009, Dr Adams completed the compelled studies and issued the following cause and also manner of death opinions. “Cause of Death: Intoxication by Oxycodone."“Manner the Death: Accident."

So we at least know that others who stated steroids to be the reason jumped the gun a bit. Police officers did discover steroids and pain killers in his Tampa apartment, yet we recognize now that they were no the reason of his death.

Drugs were the cause, i beg your pardon is unfortunate. And that will be hard for his family members to take ns am sure.


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He had been exit from the WWE and TNA regarding drug issues. He remained in the WWE for countless years and they provided him several methods for him to stop, even available rehab.

Martin to be a effective WWE Superstar in his career. He had held the Intercontinental Championship, europe Championship, and Tag Team Championship in his time through the organization.

Martin ended up pushing them come far, and also they were forced to relax him. He climate made his method to TNA wherein he make a few appearances before being exit for comparable issues.

It is always hard to lose a love one, and also to shed them this means must be even more heart breaking.

The WWE exit a statement on your website, but not much else. However, previous girlfriend that Martin and WWE Diva Kelly Kelly wrote about her feelings in the direction of Martin on her Myspace.

They damaged up a few months prior to Martin"s death and also remained friends. For this reason of course it has been difficult for her, as lot as anyone.

Martin will certainly be missed and I personally desire to wish his family members well v this difficult time.

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