ALASKAN shrub People's Amber Branson died from injuries sustained from a fire in her Texas home. 

The news comes before Bear Brown's announcement that the household patriarch, Billy, passed away on February 7 because of a seizure.

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Amber Branson is the niece of Alaskan matriarch, Ami BrownCredit: Facebook

How walk Amber Branson die?

Amber passed far on might 1 from "severe injuries sustained in a fire" in Texas.

She was the niece of household matriarch Ami Brown and the daughter the Ami's brother Rene.

Ami's various other brother Les common the heartbreaking news ~ above Facebook, writing: "It is with an excellent sadness and a hefty heart that I must relay come you the my niece, Amber Branson, passed away from serious injuries sustained in a fire.

"She passed away at 3:55 am this morning after being removed from life-support.

"Amber was a kind, generous, loving person with a big heart.

"All we have actually now are the memories, however she will certainly live in our hearts forever," the article concluded.

According to her obituary, Amber is made it through by she husband, three children and four grandchildren, and her two brothers and parents.


Ami is supposedly estranged from she familyCredit: Discovery

What taken place to Billy Brown?

Bear Brown announced the his dad Billy passed far on February 7 due to a seizure.

He common the catastrophic news on society media, writing: "We room heartbroken to announce the our lovely patriarch Billy Brown passed away last night after enduring from a seizure.

"He was our best friend - a wonderful and loving dad, granddad and husband and also he will be dearly missed. He live his life on his terms, turn off the grid and also off the land and also taught us to live favor that together well.

Adding: "We setup to respect his heritage going forward, and to proceed with his dream."

The family likewise asked for "privacy and also prayers" during the complicated time.

Why walk Alaskan shrub People leave Alaska?

Originally, the family was located near Hoonah, Alaska, or "Browntown” as the family dubbed it.

Browntown was a series of houses the family constructed themselves using products from the Alaskan bush.

The Browns left Alaska as result of a sudden cancer diagnosis with Ami, the matriarch of the family.

While Browntown was no more, the family members moved and purchased a 435-acre building in the phibìc Cascade hills of Washington State to be closer come Los Angeles, whereby Ami and also Bill take trip every three months for she checkups.

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The Brown family no much longer reside in AlaskaCredit: Discovery

“It was very scary,” Ami claims of her cancer, "but ns never gave up hope.”

What occurred to Matt Brown?

Matt Brown take it a rest from filming the present to look for professional aid for problem abuse.