Sir Barry Gibb as soon as opened up about the death of his two brothers Maurice and Robin in an emotional TV interview.

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The Bee Gees legend additionally spoke about his regrets about being on negative terms through each of his brothers at the time of your deaths.

The interview to be featured top top Australian present Sunday Night back in 2012, simply a few months after Robin's death, and also was uncovered again top top YouTube.

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"My best regret is that every brothers I’ve shed was in a moment when we weren’t obtaining on, for this reason I have to live with that and I’ll invest the rest of my life reflecting on that," an emotionally Barry Gibb said.

"I’m the last man standing. I’ll never be able to understand that together I’m the eldest."

Barry also broke down in tears during the interview, admitting the he had actually never done that before when speaking about the subject.

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"Nobody ever really understand what the three of united state felt about each other," that added. "Only the 3 of us knew.

"It was such a unifying thing, the 3 of us came to be one person. We all had actually the very same dream. Thats what ns miss much more than noþeles else."

Meanwhile, he additionally spoke around his famed falsetto, saying that it to be Robin's idea to store it in numerous of their songs together it was such a success:

Robin Gibb passed away in 2012 ~ battling cancer because that a variety of years, if his pair brother Maurice passed away in 2003 as result of complications that a twisted intestine.

Their younger brother Andy Gibb passed away aged simply 30 in 1988 ~ battling drug addiction and depression for plenty of years.

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Barry Gibb to be knighted by Prince Charles for services to music in 2017.






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