As news about Short’s murder started to circulate, newspapers started referring to her together the black Dahlia, mostly because of her highlight dyed black hair and the black apparel she wore. The story that the black color Dahlia made headlines for weeks.

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On January 24, 1947, a suspiciously manila envelope handle to “The Los Angeles Examiner and other Los Angeles papers” was discovered. The envelope included a letter utilizing cut-out words indigenous newspaper clippings that said, “Here is Dahlia’s belongings.” within the envelope were Short’s birth certificate, business cards, photographs, names written on piece of paper, and an resolve book. All of the components of the envelope had actually been cleaned through gasoline, comparable to just how Short’s body had actually been cleaned. This command authorities to believe the letter was definitely from Short’s killer. Police contacted roughly 75 men from Short’s resolve book, but the bulk of the men declared to have only known short briefly. Because of the nature of the an accurate cuts top top Short’s body, authorities suspected someone in the medical field can have been the killer, and also police offered a warrant come the USC clinical School, i m sorry was located close to where Short’s body had actually been found. But after several interviews and background checks, they were still no closer to addressing this case.

Although the situation went cold, people’s fascination with the story has not dissipated. Elizabeth Short’s unsolved murder has actually inspired many books and films, both fiction and also nonfiction. The most well known account that Elizabeth Short’s murder is The black Dahlia, a 2008 novel the fictionalizes the details the this fascinating story. This novel is so well-researched and also so vividly calculation that numerous readers have actually said they had to remind themselves that it was fiction and also not true crime. In this book, the writer James Ellroy depicts the details that the black Dahlia investigation and also imagines how the crime can have been resolved. In 2006, Ellroy’s publication was adapted into a noir film, command by Brian DePalma and starring Mia Kirshner together Elizabeth Short.

While the situation of the black Dahlia is quiet unsolved, there are many theories about who might have cursed this crime. A big number of human being have in reality come forward to confess to the crime, yet most of these confessions have actually been proven to be false. Part crime authors have actually made a link to the black color Dahlia murder and also the Cleveland Torso Murders, which took place between 1934 and also 1938. The murder of Jeanne French in Los Angeles ~ above February 10, 1947 has also been discussed as possibly attached to Short’s murder.

At the moment of the investigation, Leslie short was considered to it is in the prime suspect, yet he to be never lugged to trial since of clerical errors. This, together with other details of the case, has lead some thinkers to think that the black Dahlia’s murder was never solved since of a police cover-up.

After retiring from the LAPD, previous police detective Steve Hodel published a true crime publication called Black Dahlia Murder: A Genius because that Murder. In it, Hodel lays out countless details that the investigation and presents his very own theory. He believes his very own father, Dr. George Hodel, eliminated The black color Dahlia.

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While there are many theories about what truly occurred to Elizabeth Short, the situation remains unsolved. And it continues to be a fascinating true crime story that has actually inspired many an enig novels and also film noir movies in the years since.