After Cleveland announced the team will certainly be referred to as the Guardians, civilization are wondering if the Chicago Blackhawks will additionally undergo and name or logo design change.

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Here"s what Chicago"s NHL team has said in the past:

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The Chicago Blackhawks will save the team name, according to reports, in spite of Friday"s notice from baseball"s Cleveland Indians the the team will certainly be dubbed the Guardians.

Blackhawks CEO Danny Wirtz claimed in December that the Blackhawks "continue come deepen our commitment come upholding our namesake and also our brand," according to reporting from AP News.


Last summer, the team exit a statement standing by the Blackhawks logo and name, which room meant to "celebrate" the heritage of Chief black Hawk.

“We recognize there is a well line in between respect and also disrespect, and also we commend various other teams for your willingness to connect in the conversation. Moving forward, we are committed to raising the bar even higher to broaden awareness of black color Hawk and also the essential contributions of all aboriginal American people," the Blackhawks claimed in a statement last summer. Us will proceed to serve as stewards of our name and also identity, and will execute so v a commitment to evolve. Ours endeavors in this area have been sincere and also multi-faceted, and the course forward will attract on that experience to flourish as an organization and also expand our efforts.”

Blackhawks officials detailed in the full statement the the team functions to administer a platform for "genuine dialogue" through local and also national indigenous American groups.

The club, originally called the “Black Hawks,” was called after the “Blackhawk Division” the the 333rdMachine gun Battalion that the 86thInfantry Division, which offered during people War I. The unit had actually been called after black color Hawk, who served as a leader in the Sauk native American Tribe during the black color Hawk battle of 1832.

The original owner that the Blackhawks, frederic McLaughlin had to choose a logo, after deciding top top a team name v ties come his service in the military, Scott powers of The Atlantic wrote. He choose the next profile of a indigenous American.

"The logo was supposedly motivated by the one supplied by Onwentsia society in suburban Lake Forest, where McLaughlin played polo," strength wrote.

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The Wirtz family linked the 2 words into the nickname “Blackhawks” in 1986.

Last summer, the team announced the it would prohibit pan from wearing aboriginal American headdresses to games at the United facility as component of one ongoing neighborhood engagement push.