Robin Gibb, one of three brothers who made up the disco group The punishment Gees, passed away Sunday, might 20. He to be 62.

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Australian musician Colin Petersen, a drummer v the famous disco team The punishment Gees, tinkering under the hood the his car in 1965.

The bee Gees posture in London in 1967. Native left come right, Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, drummer Colin Peterson and also Maurice Gibb.


The bee Gees walk down a brand-new York City Street in 1968. From left to right, bassist Vince Melouney, Robin Gibb, Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb, and drummer Colin Peterson.
Singer Barry Gibb poses simply after win a Beau Brummell award for best-dressed personality in Britain.
Maurice Gibb and his brand-new bride, Scottish popular music singer Lulu, departure Gerrards cross Church in Buckinghamshire, England, top top February 18, 1969.
Robin, Barry and Maurice perform a promotional shot for director Michael Schultz"s Beatles tribute film, "Sgt. Pepper"s Lonely Hearts society Band," in 1977.
The punishment Gees pose v Barry Manilow at the American Music Awards in1979. Manilow won the compensation for favorite Pop/Rock male Artist, and also the bee Gees won favourite Pop/Rock Band, Duo, or Group.
The punishment Gees perform during the "One Night Only" concert at stadion Australia in Sydney, Australia, in March, 1999.
Barry, Robin and Maurice pose in ~ a brand-new York press conference in 2001 announcing the release of the bee Gees album "This is wherein I came In."
Robin Gibb displays his civilization Artist Award for Lifetime achievement during the 2003 human being Awards in Hamburg, Germany. Gibb welcomed the compensation on instead of of the bee Gees.
Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) and also Robin Gibb come at the "Adopt-A-Minefield" benefit gala in support of landmine victims in 2005 in Neuss, Germany.
Robin and also Barry Gibb arrive for The Ivor Novello Awards in ~ the Grosvenor Hotel on may 25, 2006, in London, England.
Barry and Robin re-superstructure the stage with Yvonne Gibb (wife of Maurice, who died in 2003) and also BMI CEO Del Bryant at the BMI popular music Awards in Beverly Hills, California, in 2007.
Robin Gibb and John Travolta attitude after Gibb announced Travolta as the winner of a golden Camera media compensation in Berlin in February 2010.
NEW: Queen"s Brian may lauds Robin Gibb"s "amazing voice, for this reason distinctive"

Gibb dies after a "long battle with cancer and also intestinal surgery," his family members says

He and two of his brothers comprised the punishment Gees, which offered over 200 million albums

Their hits include "Night Fever," "Staying Alive" and "How Deep Is your Love"

Robin Gibb, among three brother who consisted of the group the bee Gees behind “Saturday Night Fever” and other now-iconic sounds from the 1970s, died on Sunday, according to a declare on his website.

He to be 62.

Gibb “passed far today complying with his long battle with cancer and also intestinal surgery,” said the statement, which was attributed to his family. He died in England at 10:47 a.m. (5:47 a.m. ET), follow to a post on his main Twitter feed.

Overheard top top Gibb fans say legacy far beyond disco

News the his death collection off a torrent that reaction in social media. Musician Bryan Adams, because that instance, lamented “another an excellent singer dying too young” on Twitter, while other British tape Duran Duran and current pop sensation Bruno Mars were among many that posted your condolences.

“The bee Gees were/are the gold standard when it comes to pop/r&b melody, harmony and vocal arrangement. Substantial loss,” wrote prolific pop songwriter Claude Kelly top top his Twitter feed.

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bee Gee Robin Gibb dies at 62

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2002: bee Gees and 'Saturday Night Fever'

Queen’s Brian might lauded Gibb and his “amazing voice, therefore distinctive and also expressive” in a declare on his website.

“For me, the music of the punishment Gees really has peaks together high as any mountain ever climbed through a Pop/Rock group,” may said. “The bee Gees will never be forgotten.”

check out what various other celebrities said about Gibb top top Twitter

Diagnosed v colon and liver cancer, Gibb had remained in a coma as he fought pneumonia earlier this spring, representative Doug bright said.

Doctors think that Gibb had actually a second tumor, Wright said April 14, confirming a news account in the UK newspaper The Sun. Gibb had emergency surgical procedure in 2010 for a blocked bowel and then had an ext surgery because that a twisted bowel, bright confirmed.

The just surviving member that the 3 Bee Gees is brother Barry, 65.

Robin’s pair brother, Maurice, passed away in 2003 native a twisted bowel. And younger brothers Andy Gibb – who was not component of the group – passed away at 30 indigenous a heart infection.

Robin Gibb’s fatality followed by simply three job the lose of another significant star of the 1970s disco era – Donna Summer, who passed away Thursday that lung cancer in ~ 63.

“First Donna Summer passes and now one more 70s icon, Robin Gibb that the punishment Gees passes,” actress Marlee Matlin tweeted Sunday.

Robin Gibb to be born in 1949 top top Isle of male off the brother coast, and the Gibb boys grew up in Manchester. The household later relocated to Redcliffe, Australia, where their team performed on television as the B.G.’s – a moniker they later transformed to the punishment Gees. Your father, Hughie, to be a drummer and also big-band leader.

The family returned come England in the 1960s, and also they started to arise on an global scale. With the finish of that decade and also into the next, lock crafted melodies that made use of their distinct voices to get acclaim many thanks to songs like “To Love Somebody,” “Lonely Days” and also “How can You mend a broken Heart.”

by the mid-1970s, lock transitioned come develop an ext dance-oriented access time such together “Jive Talkin’ ” and also “Nights on Broadway.”

however for every these earlier successes, the bee Gees skyrocketed to brand-new heights with the 1977 relax of “Saturday Night Fever,” a movie starring man Travolta the was built approximately the group’s falsetto voices and also disco-friendly songs.

In the latter component of the 1970s, the punishment Gees “dominated dance floors and airwaves. With their corresponding white suits, soaring high harmonies and also polished, radio-friendly records, castle remain one of the vital touchstones to the ultra-commercial era,” the Rock and Roll room of Fame says on the website.

“Saturday Night Fever” and also the group’s 1979 album “Spirits having actually Flown” yielded 6 No. 1 hits, “making the bee Gees the only group in pop background to write, produce and record that plenty of consecutive chart-topping singles,” according to the room of Fame.

while often more in the background, Robin Gibb to be the command singer on number of of the bee Gees’ height tunes including “I began a Joke” and also “I’ve Gotta obtain a blog post to You.” He likewise recorded numerous solo albums during his career.

Inducted right into the Rock and Roll room of reputation in 1997, the punishment Gees sold an ext than 200 million albums, and also their soundtrack album come “Saturday Night Fever” was the top-selling album till Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” claimed that distinction in the 1980s.

In a 2008 interview with Music Week, Robin Gibb shared one that his all-important rules because that songwriting: “always keep a tape running,” in stimulate to record a minute of brilliance and inspiration.

“You never know in a three-hour creating session as soon as you room going come come up through something and also then if you will do it remember the completely,” the said. “All the ideas, everything, will be ~ above tape and also then you can always refer back at any kind of time.

“Melodies will certainly be born because that the very first time throughout writing and also unless you have it top top tape friend haven’t acquired any method of remembering them. That is a cardinal rule.”

He additionally spoke of how he discovered it “good to have actually deadlines and pressure.”

“We absolutely had a deadline with ‘Fever’ to write all those songs. I think, in one week, we composed ‘How Deep Is her Love,’ ‘Night Fever,’ ‘Stayin’ Alive,’ ‘If i Can’t have actually You’ and also the rest. Having a meeting sharpens friend up, it gets you the end of bed and it stop you going come bed, too,” Gibb said.

Gibb is made it through by his wife, Dwina; his daughter, Melissa, and sons Spencer and also Robin-John.