A british businessman, who bought the Segway company less 보다 a year ago, passed away after riding among the scooters off a cliff and also into a river near his Yorkshire estate.

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Millionaire owner of Segway firm, Jimi Heselden, who died in freak accident top top Sunday. Rossparry.co.uk/syndication - Yorkshire Post
A brothers businessman that bought the Segway firm less 보다 a year ago died after ~ riding among the scooters turn off a cliff and into a river near his Yorkshire estate.

Jim Heselden, recognized locally as Jimi, acquired the Segway company from the U.S. Inventor Dean Kamen in December 2009.

According to the brothers media, Heselden, 62, plunged into the river Wharfe if riding a rugged nation version that the two-wheeled transporter on Sunday.

Police claimed a witness had actually reported see a man fall over a 30-foot drop right into the river close to Boston Spa, 140 miles north that London.

"Police were dubbed at 11.40 a.m. Yesterday come reports the a male in the flow Wharfe, apparently having fallen from the cliffs above," a spokesman said The day-to-day Mail.

A Segway to be recovered from the scene. "At this time we execute not think the fatality to it is in suspicious," the spokesman added.

"It is with great sadness the we have to confirm that Jimi Heselden has died in a disastrous accident close to his residence in West Yorkshire," his company, , said in a statement.

A dozen members of Heselden"s family asked because that privacy Monday after placing flower at the heavily wooded accident site, i beg your pardon is famous with hikers and also nature lovers. Heselden to be worth around $265 million and also ranked 395th ~ above the Sunday Times well-off List.

Leading philanthropistOn Sept. 18, the Yorkshire short article reported the Heselden had actually donated $36 million that his fortune come charity, making him among Britain’s top philanthropists.

Most recently, he offered $15 million come the Leeds neighborhood Foundation, which helps disadvantaged components of the north of England city.

"Jimi was an amazing man who, personal from gift a wonderful success story for Leeds due to his business acumen, was likewise remarkably selfless and also generous, providing millions to neighborhood charities to assist people in his house city," stated Tom Riordan, the chief executive, management of Leeds City Council.

Heselden himself came from bad beginnings in Leeds and also left institution at the age of 15 to work in the mines.

He gained his rest in 1990 as soon as he created a concertina architecture for wire cage walls, i beg your pardon are provided by the military to protect bases and also for overwhelming protection. The headquarters the his for sure is a short distance from Heselden"s childhood home.

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Heselden to be appreciative of his great fortune, but constantly remembered his own challenging beginnings.

"There are a lot of family members out there who room struggling and a the majority of youngsters who have grown increase without role models and who can"t gain jobs,” that told the Yorkshire Post.

"Life turned out pretty well for me, however I still job-related in the exact same area whereby I grew up and every day i see world who for every little thing reason space down on your luck."

The battery-powered Segway, i beg your pardon is stabilized by gyroscopes, was developed by Kamen, who started the new Hampshire-based agency in 1999.

The Segway acquired some notoriety in 2003 when then president George W. Bush stumbled when he took it in Kennebunkport, Maine.