Singer-songwriter Selena Quintanilla was just 23 year old once she passed away on march 31, 1995. Her legacy has actually lived on in fan memorials, household tributes, the blockbuster Jennifer Lopez portrayal in Selena, and currently Netflix"s take on "the Queen of Tejano music," Selena: The Series. The two-part biographical drama chronicles the singer"s family and also journey to stardom, v the very first part exit on Dec. 4.

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The second component premieres on the streaming service on might 4, and also the real-life tragedy that Selena"s fatality will be extended at the finish of the brand-new season. Executive developed by the Quintanilla family, the TV collection allows a new wave that Selena pan to check out her life and also legacy celebrated in a brand-new format.

The very first part of the biographical drama earned plenty of viewers. And, as quickly as the collection premiered, Twitter had thoughts. While part fans to be open-minded around the latest interpretation of Selena"s life, various other Twitter users called it "🗑️" and also insisted it was "the ABRAHAM SERIES, not Selena, let"s not obtain it twisted."

Still, Selena"s husband, kris Perez, shared "I expect you males enjoy this series," ~ above Instagram. And, Selena"s sisters Suzette Quintanilla thanked fans for "embracing this exceptional story that we were able to tell" ~ above Instagram together it topped Netflix.

Not everyone assumed the cast looked favor the real Quintanillas, no one did lock agree the series accurately confirmed real life events. It"s true, Netflix doesn"t necessarily encompass all the details of Selena"s life, consisting of her catastrophic death. Here"s what to know about how Selena Quintanilla died:

Former pan club chairman Yolanda SaldĂ­var shot Selena.

At the time, Saldívar had recently been relieved of her duties as president the Selena"s fan club and manager of she boutiques. Selena and also her father suspected Saldívar that embezzling money after ~ fans started calling and also sending letter to the Quintanilla family that said they hadn’t received merchandise they had ordered and also paid for. Abraham also noticed the Yolanda had taken much more than $60,000 native Selena’s fan club and also stores. Even after she to be fired, Yolanda still had actually some paperwork because that the stores.

So, Selena set up a conference at the work Inn Motel in body Christi, TX, to face her and also collect documents. Various other reports alleged SaldĂ­var collection up the meeting, explain she had been raped and seeking sympathy the Friday morning, follow to the Houston Chronicle.

While there, SaldĂ­var took the end a "cowboy gun" and also aimed it in ~ the singer. Selena tried to operation away, yet SaldĂ­var shoot her once in the back, follow to People. Selena escaped and made it come the lobby prior to she collapsed. She was then rushed come the hospital in one ambulance.


The motel staff recounted Selena"s last words.

Maria Norma Martinez, who worked as a maid at the work Inn, was apparently the only one to have seen the shooting, per the Houston Chronicle. Martinez asserted to have heard SaldĂ­var contact Selena a "bitch."

Other motel workers additionally testified about what they witnessed that day. "She stated "Yolanda SaldĂ­var in Room 158,"" common Ruben Deleon, sales director in ~ the work Inn whereby the shooting occurred March 31, AP reported. A front workdesk clerk described a step of hysteria once Selena fell down on the lobby floor, bleeding indigenous a .38-caliber bullet wound.

Selena died in the hospital prior to her husband to be able to check out her.

Selena to be shot at 11:48 a.m. On in march 31, 1995. Once she arrived on the hospital, "She had actually no proof of neurological function," per Dr. Louis Elkins, MD, a cardiac surgeon that testified around her treatment per AP. "There was no proof of any type of blood flow to her brain. Her brain was no functioning. She to be clinically mind dead.″

Perez thought Selena would be fine. "No matter what, you could have thrown something in prior of her, and also she would have been okay," Perez said ABC13.

"And on the note, march 31st of "95, ns didn"t recognize all the details, going to the hospital v my dad the day. Due to the fact that of that, i was currently preparing my speech in my mind to get after her for having gone come this location without letting me know, till I walked through the doors and they told me what they told me," he continued. "It"s just unbelievable."

"As much as the day goes ns mean, for me, ns wish I had amnesia for that day," Perez told ABC13. "I great I can go indigenous the night before, which was amazing, to... Ns don"t also know."

Selena"s father, Abraham Quintanilla, stated she to be the "trusting victim of an obsessed, "unbalanced" fan that stole thousands of dollars from the singer"s businesses and then killed Selena after establish she had been cut from she life," the Houston Chronicle reported.


SaldĂ­var engaged in a standoff with police in ~ the hotel.

The previous fan club president and head of Selena Etc. Inc locked it s her in she pickup truck in the parking many the hotel with the gun for around 10 hours, threaten to kill herself. SaldĂ­var "was express remorse all through the incident," according to corpus Christi Assistant Police chief Ken Bung, every People.

Ultimately, she surrendered to police and the FBI ~ the long standoff. The same day she signed a typewritten confession.

Fans gathered in ~ Selena"s boutique, home, and also the crime scene to mourn.

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Thousands of mourners waited for hrs in the corpus Christi Convention center to pay their respects to the late singer. Selena"s body lay in a "closed black coffin surrounding by white roses" ~ above Monday, April 3, every Houston Chronicle.

Before that, pan flocked come the job Inn wherein she was shot. "There have actually been a most souvenir-seekers, and also they"re law some damage to the property," body Christi Police chef Henry Garrett told the publication. "They were chipping the concrete and breaking turn off the shrubbery."