The disastrous story of john Edward Jones, trapped for an ext than a day within Nutty Putty Cave prior to dying there in 2009.

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John Edward Jones love spelunking through this family. His father generally took him and his brother, Josh, top top caving explorations in Utah once they to be kids. The boys learned to love the underground depths and their dark beauty.


Jon Jasper/ traveler Kory Kowallis in the crawl come the aptly called Scout catch passage in Nutty Putty Cave. Many of the i in this cavern are this narrow or also narrower.

And now, v John Edward Jones trapped within the cave, time was running out. The downward angle at which john was trapped to be putting an excellent stress ~ above his body due to the fact that such a position requires the heart to work incredibly hard to continuously pump blood the end of the mind (obviously, once the human body is appropriate side up, heaviness does the work and also the heart doesn’t need to shoulder that load).

Rescuers tied John v a rope associated to a collection of pulleys. Every little thing was ready, and they traction as difficult as lock could. However suddenly, and also without warning, one of the pulleys failed. Roundy believes that the pulley came loose at its anchor suggest in the cave wall, i m sorry contain a considerable amount of loose clay.

The rope-and-pulley procedure was no more, the rescuers had actually no other viable plans, and John to be trapped.

Roundy replays the rescue over and also over in his head, also years after the incident. “I reviewed the entirety mission, wishing we’d have done this tiny information differently or done that a tiny sooner. But it’s no use second-guessing things. We did our best.”

A Tragic death In Nutty Putty Cave

With no expect of rescue and also his heart having suffered hrs upon hrs of strain due to his bottom position, john was pronounce dead the cardiac arrest shortly prior to midnight on the evening of November 25, 2009. Rescuers had actually spent 27 hours trying to conserve John. His household thanked rescuers for their aid even despite the awful news.

Nutty Putty cave lived up to its call on the night that John’s death. Found in 1960 by Dale Green, he named it Nutty Putty since of the clay (the kind that likely resulted in that wheel to offer out) discovered in most of the small tunnels in the secret structure. In the heyday, as numerous as 25,000 people per year visited the cave.

But no one will ever go in the cavern again.

Officials sealed off Nutty Putty cavern for great a mainly after John’s death. They never recovered his body, which stays inside to this day, for fear of an ext deaths that might result from such an operation.

In 2016, movie housing Isaac Halasima produced and directed a full-length feature film around the life and also failed rescue of man Jones. Dubbed The last Descent (see above), it gives you an exact glimpse that John’s ordeal and also what it feels like to it is in trapped in the most narrow of cavern passageways once claustrophobia and also then hopelessness set in.

Halasima, a Utah native, only as soon as went to Nutty Putty Cave. He never ever made it past the entrance.

“I’d gone in it, in the front, and kind that said, ‘That’s it, that’s enough."”

Now sealed up, Nutty Putty cave serves together a herbal memorial and gravesite to man Edward Jones.

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After this look at Nutty Putty Cave and also the tragic fatality of john Edward Jones, read around some of the bodies of rockclimbing left behind on mountain Everest, consisting of those that “Green Boots” and George Mallory.