In Avengers: Endgame, Thor brings earlier Mjolnir (his hammer) native the previous to his "future" self v the quantum tunnel. Later in the movie, Captain America gets organize of it gift worthy.

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However, ns don"t remember if cap takes it ago to the past in the climax. If that doesn"t - that would certainly break the spacetime continuum, Mjolnir being ruined in the past.

If he does lug it back, just how come he knows the specific time and also place come return?



Cap most likely brings it ago to the past.

I can"t administer a picture, yet Mjolnir is viewed at his side as soon as he goes ago to location the Stones in the past, and it"s i do not have anything to be seen once he it s okay back. I think he knew that thing had actually to be given back to time, to maintain the initial "continuity", and did so.

As to when and also where come return, it"s no that hard to number out: questioning Thor once he choose it up, walk to that really moment, sneak anywhere on Asgard, autumn Mjolnir top top the ground, go back to Peggy/the remainder of the Infinity Stones. Past Thor have the right to summon Mjolnir at will, and probably isn"t that much regardant of wherein he left it - the hammer will simply zoom right into his hands.

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Steve takes Mjolnir earlier into the past with him, you check out it ~ above the floor of the platform. Presumably that takes it ago to Asgard, but, he could equally fine as keep it for himself... We simply don"t recognize what that does v it.

If the does bring it back, exactly how come he to know the exact time and also place to return?

It is safe to assume either Thor or Rocket told him the time this happened.

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answer Apr 26 "19 in ~ 13:42

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Well... Have you wonder why walk it take it a while for Mjölnir to with Thor when it to be summoned? Maybe as soon as when it took longer than normal it was since Cap put it what a tiny far away when he jumped earlier in time one last time....

And many importantly, Banner made it clear that your previous doesn"t and also can"t readjust the future in which girlfriend are... Although the was contradicted as soon as Cap confirmed up again together an old man... The too through his shield, every shining and also new.

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When Thor "borrowed" Meow-meow (that"s its proper name) from 2013 Asgard, he had actually to obtain it earlier somehow... Otherwise Thor 2013 would have actually noticed it missing, and also found himself through no hammer at every for The Dark World, the an initial two Avengers, etc.

So it had actually to be returned to 2013.

Since cap was going come 2013 Asgard anyway come return an infinity stone, he simply returned Mjölnir as well. That"s why he took it with him at the finish of Endgame.

The an outcome of this is that Thor knowledgeable the normal timeline as portrayed in the films, however Meow-Meow had an alternative experience in the middle of The Dark World whereby it saw 2023 and fought 2014 Thanos, and also then came back to The Dark World and also finished the movie. If just hammers might talk...

Mind you, Thor didn"t need to deliver to a details place, only a details time. It can discover Thor.

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Cap goes back to the forties to change the first stone, then lives a quiet life v his girl, instead of the stones as time walk on. This doesn"t create a new time line because he doesn"t adjust anything. He needs to go entirely unrecognized because that this come work.

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So what around Mjolnir? This method that indigenous the 40s approximately Dark World, there space 2 Mjolnirs, and also somehow Thor doesn"t notice. Maybe just the closest one comes when he summons it.

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