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Tiger Woods will certainly make his go back to golf ~ a year lengthy hiatus, mostly because of his severe vehicle crash in February, in ~ this weekend"s PNC Championship together he plays follow me side his son, Charlie.

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Fans to be shocked that Woods was making his return to golf this soon, yet it seems prefer the father-son element encouraged him to come ago and play. 

"Although it’s been a lengthy and difficult year, ns am an extremely excited to close it the end by competing in the 
PNCchampionship with my child Charlie. I’m play as a Dad and also couldn’t be more excited and proud," Woods said in a Twitter statement.

This isn"t the first time the father-son duo has actually played in a competition together; they played in the 2020 PNC Championship together well, which was Charlie"s PGA debut. The 12-year-old started playing in part junior tournaments this year as well, which dad Tiger attends ~ above occasion.

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Charlie will join dad Tiger again this year, and also their near knit relationship is supposed to be facility stage when again. We could possibly it is in watching the future that golf.

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Tiger and also Charlie Woods golf mannerisms

A video clip was released in the main leading as much as the 2021 PNC Championship the showed split screens of Tiger and Charlie having comparable mannerisms while lock play golf. Tiger was displayed this video, and also his reaction to be priceless. 

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