Todd Chrisley climbed to prominence as the lovably strictly patriarch of the Chrisley family, on fight reality present Chrisley to know Best.

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when the series first debuted in 2014, the family"s wealth was instantly clear, and indeed their succeeding relocation to Nashville signified a relocate to seemingly an even grander mansion 보다 fans were supplied to seeing. The Chrisleys are plainly quite well off — that lot isn"t in conflict — yet the source of their significant wealth continues to be something the a question mark.

Chrisley was originally touted as a genuine estate mogul, however long-time pan of Chrisley to know Best will know he"s rarely, if ever, recorded on camera in reality doing any type of work (which, naturally, offers him lot of of time to meddle in his kids" affairs, lot to our delight). It"s likely the show is the reality star"s main source of income nowadays, but what does, or did, Chrisley execute to earn money otherwise?

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Chrisley make the bulk of his happiness in genuine estate. The fact star previously owned an invest firm, Chrisley heritage Management, which expedited "the ns recovery and liquidation that non-performing commercial and residential assets," according to Crunchbase, which note it was established in 2002 but folded in 2008 following the fallen of the residential or commercial property market. Just a couple years prior to Chrisley knows Best premiered, the businessman filed for bankruptcy after ~ amassing close to $50 million in blame (via Forbes).

"He guaranteed a actual estate development loan and also it failed," his attorney, Robert Furr, said People at the time. "He was on the hook for $30 million. If that hadn"t had actually that happen, he would have been fine, financially." As Distractify notes, there to be plans to open a room store referred to as Chrisley & Co. In Atlanta, yet they crumbled in the face of the family"s mounting debts. As a result, castle were compelled to curb their extravagant lifestyle. 

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Their move to Nashville to be actually part of the Chrisleys" scaling earlier plan. Adding to your woes, in 2019, Chrisley and also his wife, Julie, to be indicted on numerous counts of tax evasion and fraud. The pair was later cleared of every charges after castle agreed come pay around $110,000 to the Georgia department of Revenue, as per People. "Julie and also I knew all along that we had done nothing wrong and that once the truth all came out, we would certainly be fine," Chrisley advised in a statement.

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His wife is actually fairly wealthy in her own right, with Chrisley"s lawyer revealing in 2014, "She is well-off." Although your financial drama appears to it is in over, at the very least for now, it seems Chrisley"s work of being a businessman are also far behind him. Now, the bulk of his revenue likely originates from the fight show, and also the accompanying declaring partnerships and also publicity opportunities, i m sorry isn"t a bad means to earn a living, comparatively speaking.