part Hollywood stars come from prominent parents and privileged backgrounds, but not Tom...not by a long shot.

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as soon as you think of Tom Cruise, the very first thing that probably comes to mind is his Hollywood smile. Or you might think, "Oh, that"s that man who was married to Katie Holmes, who is now raising their daughter." You could remember as soon as Tom was jumping ~ above his girlfriend Oprah"s couch. Or, you might think "wait, that"s the "show me the money" guy!"

No issue what you assumed of first, there"s for this reason much an ext to Tom Cruise 보다 you realize. In fact, his ago story is as deep as a river—and climate some.

part Hollywood stars come from prominent parents and privileged backgrounds, however not Tom...not by a long shot. Cruise"s boyhood and adolescent years to be rocky and also sad, come say the least. On the sunny side, Cruise has displayed us that you can rise above your shattered past and also become anything that your love desires...

keep scrolling to discover what life was choose for Tom Cruise prior to he to be famous.

12 Cruise grew Up an extremely Poor & Abused

Tom to be born in Syracuse, brand-new York. His birth surname was thomas Cruise Mapother IV and his day of birth to be July 3, 1962. The is the boy of an electric engineer, thomas Cruise Mapother III (1934–1984), and also a special education and learning teacher, mar Lee (née Pfeiffer; 1936–2017). Cruise had a Catholic upbringing and was raised in near-poverty.

he later illustrated his father together "a merchant of chaos", a "coward", and a "bully" who beat his kids, follow to Fox News.

Cruise expounded: " was the sort of human where, if something walk wrong, they absent you. It to be a great lesson in mine life—how he"d lull friend in, make you feeling safe and also then, bang! because that me, it was like, "There"s miscellaneous wrong v this guy. Don"t trust him. Be careful about him.""

11 He to be Bullied badly In School

next from managing his scornful father at home, at school, Cruise endured even much more flak from bullies. Imagine if, almost everywhere you turned, you had to interact in battle with someone...that can set the stage for a life time of treatment sessions with a psychiatrist! You may covet the fame and also fortune Cruise currently has, however would you treatment to trade childhoods through him? Most most likely not.

Cruise talked around his complicated times in school: "I had no really close friend. Ns was constantly the brand-new kid through the not correct shoes, the dorn accent. Ns didn"t have actually a girlfriend to share things with and confide in. And being diagnosed through dyslexia walk not assist matters."

10 Cruise Purchased A Motorcycle At age 10

most individuals start learning how to journey a bicycle, minus cultivate wheels, by period 10; however, not "Mr. Mission Impossible"! Tom started riding a motorcycle by the moment he was 10. "My an initial motorcycle to be a tiny Yamaha. My mommy was away functioning for the weekend and also I"d stored it in the basement. Ns didn"t phone call her ns bought it because I didn"t desire her to panic best away. Ns was about 10 year old. I was enabled to get everything my money might buy," Cruise called Jay Leno.

The Jack Reacher star owns numerous motorcycles now, including a Vyrus 987 C3 4V that goes because that a cool $100,000. Nowadays, it appears he has to include a motorcycle aspect in any film contract the inks. The all started over three decades ago, through Top Gun, where Cruise rode a Kawasaki Ninja GPz900R.

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9 the Learned To run Watching spirit Train

us all recognize Cruise can bust a move. You"ve watched him in Risky Business—need we say more. Thing is, where did Tom learn exactly how to acquire his boogie on? walk he take dance classes? probably he dated a dancer and she teach him exactly how to groove? Not even close. Cruise learned how to reduced a rug if watching Soul Train as a child.

"I learned just how to run watching "Soul Train,"" Cruise explained in 2012, according to W magazine. "I noticed that if a guy can dance, he"d acquire a most attention, and also girls would desire to dance with him. I worked an extremely hard in ~ imitating those moves."

8 Cruise Messed increase His "Hollywood Smile" as A Kid

as soon as Cruise to be a kid, his front tooth was chipped through a gliding puck in a hockey match. In addition, the gibbs launched his career v a collection of fangs the were exceptionally unaligned and an extremely discolored. Cruise initially repaired this trouble with alignment procedures and teeth whitening.

Then, around 2001, Cruise gained invisible braces through ceramic brackets. His busted grill didn"t prevent the masses indigenous deeming him one of Hollywood"s grandest sex symbols. “I mean, ns don’t, like, resent it. I’m not tortured at night by it," Cruise described in 1985 concerning his dreamboat classification. "You know, ns actually very happy the people, friend know, think sufficient of my work-related to feel the way.”

7 that Attended 15 schools In 14 Years

Cruise moved around a lot throughout his childhood. As a matter of fact, the attended 15 different schools in 14 years, consisting of three high schools! one of those schools was St. Francis Seminary in Cincinnati. ~ a year, young Tom left that school, once his family relocated to brand-new Jersey.

follow to a former classmate, there"s much an ext to the tale. In 2013, Shane Dempler explained the the school asked Cruise no to come earlier after he and his girlfriend were busted steal alcohol indigenous the fathers, follow to Daily News.

Dempler also claims the Tom and his pal enjoyed sneaking out and smoking tobacco together. "The school wrote a letter to our parents speak they liked us both but would favor if us didn"t return. So we weren"t kicked out, just desired not come go."

6 Cruise originally Wanted To be A Priest

Cruise was raised in a Catholic household, so it"s no surprised that he to be a pious Catholic together a child. He also wanted to come to be a priest.

Tom began studying because that the priesthood in ~ his seminary school. One of Cruise"s schoolmates noted: " had a very strong Catholic faith. We went to Mass, spent time in the chapel, and also enjoyed hearing story from the priests. We thought the priests had a great lifestyle and we were really interested in the priesthood."

The seminary to be a place where Cruise"s interest in drama began flourishing. The college owned a drama club, and also Cruise at some point joined it, taking component in a selection of productions over two years. Wow, amazing stuff.

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5 fail In sporting activities Led Cruise to Act

Like plenty of kids, Tom gravitated towards sporting activities at an early age. The thespian participated in numerous sports, including hockey, basketball, and also wrestling. In the 1970s, Cruise went out for the wrestles team while in ~ Glen Ridge High School. “I think wrestling offered him some focus and also a method of taking care of his aggression," said Tom Jarrett, a former wrestling teammate.

Young Tom ultimately got injured while wrestling. When recovering from his injury, Cruise chosen to audition for Guys and also Dolls and also got a part. From there, he never looked back. Talk around a blessing in disguise; had actually Cruise not been injured, that knows, we may have actually seen that in the WWE versus Jerry Maguire!

4 He to be A Young Horn Dog That favored Booze

In 2016, Diane Cox, a former high institution girlfriend the Cruise"s, showed an edgier side of Tom...she speak out about the movie star"s "controlling" nature and "intensity" during their two-year partnership. Cox says she met Cruise once he attend the institution prom. Cox, aged 17, caught the young Tom"s eye - once the prom ended, they both attended the very same after-party.

"We both go out off our dates and also hooked up in ~ the after-party," Cox expose of their initial meeting. "I currently had a emotion we both liked each other. I come out of the bathroom and also he was waiting there v a bottle of booze and a large grin, and we kissed appropriate there outside the bathroom."

Cox then spoke of her and also Cruise"s date life. "We"d have sex whenever we could. He was a horny guy, choose Austin Powers. If my parental weren"t roughly we"d usage my dad"s car. We offered his parent"s garage once."

3 Cruise worked As A Busboy While follow Acting

mental the scene in The Firm, when Mitch McDeere (played by Cruise) was waiting on tables while attending regulation school? ever before wonder why Cruise to be so believable together he balanced those glasses and dishes? Well, it"s since he has actually previous experience.

before receiving his large break in Hollywood, Cruise operated as a busboy. That"s right, the Rain Main star actually collection tables, hauled dirty dishes come the dishwasher, refilled patrons" glasses through water, and simply aided the wait staff.

can you fathom see Tom Cruise pour it until it is full up your glass because you appear parched? In the restaurant, Cruise was additionally a table cleaner and busser.

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2 He showed up In His very first Film In 1981

Cruise, who began his illustrious exhilaration career as a "juvenile delinquent," make his movie debut in 1981, in the film, Endless Love. The photo starred Brooke Shields; Cruise play Billy. At far as the plot goes, Billy told David (Martin Hewitt) that once he to be 8 years old, the attempted to torch a heap that newspapers, got spooked, and put the blaze out. His parents deemed the a hero for conserving the abode from burning.

The function was minor; however, it put Cruise on the fast track to showbiz success. Cruise go a little an ext work in 1981; he had actually a supporting function in the film, Taps. Taps is around military cadets that take severe actions to save their institute running once its future is jeopardized by neighborhood condo builders. In the film, Cruise played David Shawn.

1 Cruise an initial Made tide In Hollywood In 1983

1983 to be the year as soon as the human being really learned the name, Tom Cruise. That starred in Risky Business, which many have called a cult classic. The feature film is around a teenager in Chicago who"s seeking fun at home while his mom and dad are away, however, the instance speedily gets out of control. Cruise play Joel.

That very same year, Cruise starred in The Outsiders together Steve Randle. The movie"s about a feud between two gangs, the wealthy Socs and the negative Greasers. Things warmth up as soon as one corridor member murders a member of the various other gang. That year, Cruise also had roles in All the ideal Moves and Losin" It.

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