DONALD trump attended two universities before finally obtaining his bachelor's degree in 1968.

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He has frequently reminded voters that he has actually an Ivy league degree.


Donald trump attended Fordham University and The college of Pennsylvania

Where go Donald Trump walk to college?

During his elementary years, trump attended the personal Kew-Forest school from kindergarten with seventh grade.

At age 13, he was enrolled in the New York military Academy, a private boarding school.

Trump's scholastic performance has been preserved from coming to be public knowledge.

Donny initially enrolled in ~ Fordham university in new York City in 1964.


Donny attend Fordham college for 2 years before transferring to the college of PennsylvaniaCredit: Wikipedia/chriscobar

After 2 years, he transferred from the Jesuit college in NYC come the university of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

How plenty of Ivy Leaguers have actually gone on to end up being president?

The last 5 presidents have actually received degrees from Ivy organization schools, according to

However, during the 2020 presidential election, the Trump management disputed Joe Biden's insurance claim that a president no attending one Ivy league school to be rare.

Biden i graduated from the university of Delaware and attended law school at Syracuse.

Donald trumped graduated through a bachelor's degree in business economics from UPenn in 1968Credit: Getty images - Getty

In October 2020, Trump's deputy director of communications, Zach Parkinson, poked fun at Biden's recent gaffe through tweeting: "Biden simply falsely asserted that he would certainly be the first President in '80 or 90 years' to not go to an Ivy league school.

"In fact, roughly half of the Presidents in that time frame (7 of 15) didn't go to Ivy organization schools (Hoover Truman Eisenhower Johnson Nixon Carter Reagan)."

When did he graduate from the college of Pennsylvania? 

Trump graduated from UPenn in 1968 with a Bachelor of science in economics.

Donny praised UPenn's company school together the "best college" while mentioning his time in ~ Wharton throughout a 2011 interview v Piers Morgan.

He called Morgan in ~ the time: "I checked out the ideal college: the Wharton college of Finance, which come me is choose the greatest service school."


Donald Trump obtained his undergraduate degree in 1968Credit: Getty photos - Getty

UPenn is just one of the eight Ivy league establishments.

What to be Donald Trump's significant and GPA?

Trump obtained his college degree in economics.

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During his time in ~ UPenn, the former president took undergraduate classes at the reputation Wharton college of Business, but he didn't acquire his MBA.