Trump Complains repetitively in ’60 Minutes’ Interview Clip that Released

Lesley Stahl prompted the president as soon as she called Trump the his rallies were far better attended in the past

On Thursday, Donald Trump exit a video clip from a comes interview that is collection to waiting on Sunday with 60 Minutes. Because that days the president had claimed that he would release his team’s recording of the interview because he to be treated v “bias, hatred and rudeness.”

Before the interview officially began, Trump began whining about the treatment he was around to obtain after veteran 60 Minutes reporter Lesley Stahl allow him know that some tough questions were on your way. Once the president began to balk at her warning, she reminded him about a previous interview once Trump told she to “bring that on.” however Trump was not in the mood to be pressed, and he moaned transparent the virtually 40-minute talk.

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Lesley Stahl: are you ready for some difficult questions?

Trump: You’re gonna it is in fair. Just be fair. You don’t questioning Biden challenging questions. It’s terrible.

Lesley Stahl: however last time i remember friend saying, ‘Bring it on. Bring it on.’

Trump: I’m not looking for that, I’m looking for fairness. That’s all.

Stahl then started the interview officially by questioning Trump why he desires to it is in re-elected.

Stahl: so we have actually a pandemic on your watch. We had actually racial strife. We’ve had looting. Why execute you desire this job? Why execute you desire to it is in president?

Trump: because we’ve done a great job. And also it’s no finished yet. And also when I complete this country, we’ll it is in in a position like the hasn’t been, possibly ever.

Stahl: allow me asking you, what execute you think her biggest residential priority is for you?

Trump: Well, ultimately, let me tell you what was happening. We produced the greatest economic situation in the background of our country.

Stahl: You recognize that’s not true.

Trump: friend wouldn’t say to Biden what you just said to me.

Trump then took offense to the way Stahl framed the president’s outreach come suburban women.

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Stahl: allow me ask friend something around suburban women. You claimed the various other day to suburban women, ‘Will you please favor me?’

Trump disagreed v Stahl and interrupted she while calling her “fake news.”

“Oh, i didn’t speak that. You know, that’s so misleading the method I to speak jokingly, suburban women, you have to love me because I’m offering you security. And I got rid of the worst regulation,” trump said, adding, “See, the means you said that is why civilization think the you and everyone else’s fake news.”

Trump continued, “I said kiddingly, suburban women, you have to love me. I remove a regulation the would bring low-income real estate into suburbia, the is destroyed, the would destroy suburbia. And I said that in a jokey way. The method you have it, it’s prefer I’m begging. I’m kidding. Beat it. I’m kidding. The is such a misleading question, Leslie.”

The gradual PAC MeidasTouch, produced a compilation video of trumped doing specifically what Stahl stated the president had done when trying to with suburban women throughout his rally speeches.