During their 25-year marriage, Eddie battled too much substance abuse -- and also his rock-star ways even temporarily rubbed off on Valerie, that did cocaine because that a if to stay skinny.Deborah Feingold/Getty Images

It was no the most auspicious of wedding-day omens: The drunken groom regurgitated right into a toilet as his bride held earlier his shoulder-length hair.

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Of course, in April 1981, guitar god Eddie van Halen, climate 26, and prime-time TV sweetheart Valerie Bertinelli were anything however your run-of-the mill couple. Apparently, though, they both knew how to handle Eddie’s penchant because that overindulgence. Miraculously, he regulated to store his white tuxedo spotless. Valerie, twenty years old and currently famous for starring as chaste Barbara Cooper ~ above “One Day at a Time,” only required to straighten she smashed beloved’s tie prior to they do a grand entrance in ~ Grayhall mansion in Beverly Hills.

The two had actually met just eight month before, backstage at a concert through his tape Van Halen — in the middle of what to be then the most substantial continental absent ’n’ roll tourism in background — and also their courtship to be a roller coaster. For one thing, the guitarist acquired walloped through a paternity suit while they to be dating. The insisted that, while the did have actually relations with the various other woman, that was before he met Valerie — and that the indiscretions that went under in his car on the Pacific shore Highway were limited.

“You recognize I choose a pretty face in my crotch,” that told valve Halen road manager Noel Monk, author of “Runnin’ through the Devil: A Backstage pass to the Wild Times, according to Rock, and the Down and Dirty reality Behind the make of van Halen.”

Although, Monk claimed, Eddie go ask the if that was possible to obtain someone pregnant via oral sex.

The case was ultimately thrown out of court, yet it was much from the last time America’s early 1980s “It” couple would have it rough.

On her 1981 wedding day come Eddie van Halen, Valerie Bertinelli held the rocker’s hair while that vomited.Getty Images

But, insiders said, when things to be good, castle were really good.

“They were a wonderful couple. Castle finished every other’s sentences and knew what the various other wanted,” Bob Daitz, that road-managed van Halen ~ Monk, said The Post. No that Eddie was specifically hard come please. Daitz mental Valerie dutifully making Eddie’s favorite meal: “Hebrew National hot dogs, cooked because that 1 minute, 47 secs in the microwave.”

Joel Selvin — who co-wrote the memoir “Red: mine Uncensored Life in Rock” with later Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar — recalled running right into Valerie and also Eddie backstage in ~ the 1983 united state Festival, which valve Halen co-headlined. As The Clash revved up on stage, Selvin found himself sitting v the pair on an tools trunk.

“Eddie had actually a bottle of Jack Daniels; I had actually a bunch of joints,” Selvin told The Post. “Valerie drank as much as he did and Eddie to be hilarious. He to be bombed. A male came over and wanted one autograph top top the ago of his shirt. Eddie took a Sharpie and also wrote his surname as huge as the could.” The lovebirds “were favor a couple of teenagers, drunk at a rock concert.”

But his bad-boy ways would, inevi­tably, corrupt the TV star and eventually break her heart.

Beginning in 2013, the couple’s son, Wolfgang (left), join his father in valve Halen, playing bass.Indianapolis Star-USA today NETW

Playing 132 live gigs a year through 1980, Eddie relied on every the rock-star trappings to keep himself entertained. He reportedly stashed currently of cocaine atop his amplifier throughout concerts and had a medicine dealer who’d take trip to him, almost everywhere in the world, v the finest ­Peruvian powder.

Groupies were likewise a regular part of life, even if it didn’t always involve ­actual sex. Follow to “Runnin’ with the Devil,” Eddie and also his bandmates once entertained a pair of nude girls well-known as the Ketchup Queens, dousing lock in the condiment.

Drugs and also music soon took priority end Eddie’s marriage. When Valerie join him top top the road, Eddie reportedly had actually her sleep in one adjoining bedroom so that he could stay up every night through his booze, cocaine and guitar.

At first, the actress tried to store up — and, perhaps, complete with groupies — and began utilizing cocaine herself.

“Ed likes me skinny,” she described to Monk’s fiancée.

But she overdid it and things obtained out of control to the suggest that even Eddie noticed. That implored she to protect against snorting and start eating. In she 2008 book, “Losing It,” Valerie writes about her then-husband acquisition her for a chili cheese dog and fries and also adds that he aided “save me native a severe eating disorder.”

I don’t recognize that she gained sick the him. But I do think she acquired sick of the alcohol and the drugs.

-Joel Selvin

By 1984, she writes, “I to be done v coke. Ns didn’t like the way it do me feel.” She likewise didn’t choose the impact it was having actually on her marriage. “It made sense that ns was angry,” she writes. “It no one thing or ­another as much as the was every little thing together. There to be a lot going on: Ed’s fights v Dave , Ed’s drinking and also coke, his obsessive work habits.”

Valerie’s “One Day at a Time” co-star Mackenzie Phillips recalled in her very own book, “High on Arrival,” Eddie and also Valerie dropping by she Manhattan loft for champagne. Eddie nipped right into her restroom “and proceeded come Hoover up most of my coke,” Phillips writes, including that he whispered come her: “Don’t call Val.” In the elevator, “Eddie dropped his smokes. When he leaned over to choose them up, around 15 Quaaludes dropped out of his pocket. Val was pissed. Yet we must have taken lock . . .”

Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy recalled in his autobiography just how Eddie, a neighbor, would certainly ask him to hide party of vodka in the bushes outside his residence — so Eddie might come by and also grab them there is no Valerie knowing.

The couple’s son, Wolfgang, was born in 1991, yet parent­hood did not resolve their problems.

Through the 1990s, the couple’s marriage progressively unraveled. Hagar wrote about a bombed Eddie knocking on his door in ~ 2:30 a.m., demanding that they write a song together and admitting the ­Valerie kicked him out for the night.

By 2000, the actress had actually reached her own rock bottom. Eddie had undergone a frightening spate of medical maladies, consisting of a hip instead of at the period of 44 and a diagnosis that tongue cancer, leading him come swear to she he had quit utilizing drugs and alcohol. She thought him — till she found a folded-up bindle the cocaine his wallet.

Eddie and Valerie separation in 2001 and their divorce was finalized five years later.

“There’s no concern that Valerie had strong feelings for Eddie,” Selvin said. “I don’t understand that she obtained sick the him. Yet I perform think she got sick that the alcohol and also the drugs.”

Eddie and also Valerie throughout their honeymoon in Amsterdam, 1984 (three years after they were married).ZUMAPRESS

Left to his own devices, according to Hagar’s book, Eddie was an unrequited mess. The singer recalled visiting his former bandmate’s 16,000-square-foot home. “It looked choose vampires lived there,” Hagar wrote. “There to be bottles and also cans anywhere the floor … There were spider web everywhere. That had large blankets thrown over the windows … I had never seen a dirtier place in mine life.”

Despite reports that Eddie to be worth an approximated $100 million, Hagar explained the rock star’s digs together “like a bum shack.”

But, Hagar sharp out, most disturbing was that the guy who had only freshly overcome cancer seemed addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. The vocalist wrote, “He was missing a variety of teeth and the ones he had actually left were black color … that walked roughly all day, drink cheap Shiraz out of the bottle. That’s why his this were all black.”

When Hagar suggested that Eddie usage a glass, the guitarist hoisted his bottle and replied, “It’s in a glass.”

Over the ensuing decade-and-a-half, though, Eddie seemingly obtained it together. The married Janie Liszewski, a Hollywood stunt woman, in 2009, with Valerie in attendance. Likewise, he to be a guest in ~ her 2nd wedding, to financial planner Tom Vitale, two years later.

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Eddie was likewise a major presence in the life of Wolfgang, currently 29. The two teamed increase in valve Halen in 2013, through Eddie and also Valerie’s child taking over bass duties. “I’m coming right into my own,” that told etc World around performing on phase with his dad. “I really feel like I’m claimed to it is in doing this and that I have something come prove.”

Eddie had actually reportedly been clean and sober since 2008. “I give thanks to God on mine knees the I’m alive and obviously to it is in sober and also to it is in working with my son,” the told Rolling rock in 2009. “I’m so cursed blessed it’s beyond words.”

When Wolfgang revealed that Eddie died Oct. 6, at age 65, native cancer, tributes flooded social media — from previous bandmates; rockers including Gene Simmons, Nikki Sixx, Flea and Ozzy Osbourne; and also famous fans such as Jimmy Kimmel and fashion designer Kenneth Cole.

But the many touching of every was native Valerie. Tweeting a vintage picture of the pair posing with their child son, she wrote: “40 years back my life adjusted forever as soon as I met girlfriend … i’m so thankful Wolfie and I to be able to host you in her last moments. Ns will view you in our following life my love.”