Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, Betty White, Steve Martin, and Carol Burnett ~ above ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ | CBS photo Archive/Getty Images

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Vicki Lawrence to be hired ~ above The Carol Burnett Show ~ she had written the funnywoman a pan letter. Burnett to be struck by just how much the younger mrs looked prefer her, together she explained in she 2010 memoir This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection.

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“I noticed an envelope that had been forwarded to me from CBS. That was around two or 3 weeks old,” Burnett wrote. “The letter to be from a 17-year-old high institution senior, asking for advice on just how to obtain into display business. She stated everyone told her she reminded castle of me.”

Burnett couldn’t agree much more with Lawrence’s friends upon seeing a picture the teenager had actually enclosed the herself. A seed was planted in her mind of just how perfect the young performer would be for a details sketch on the variety show.

“The accompanying photo amazed me,” Burnett continued. “This girl looked much more like me at period 17 보다 I did! Coincidentally, had been toying v an idea that a recurring lay out in our display featuring a wife, a husband, and her child sister. Ns couldn’t assist thinking that because of the resemblance, this girl could be a most likely candidate for the boy sister role.”

The threat Burnett took on Lawrence

Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, and Harvey Korman top top ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ | CBS photograph Archive/Getty Images

Incredibly, Burnett readily available Lawrence, just 18, a ar on her selection show ~ conducting display screen tests.

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“In the center of casting our rep players, we were still increase in the air around the ‘kid sister,’ Burnett wrote. “We obtained in touch through Vicki and also another young actress encourage by CBS, and also decided to do a display test. We composed a sketch and also taped the twice, once with Vicki and once with the various other actress.”

As marketed as Burnett to be on Lawrence, CBS’ higher ups weren’t totally on board through hiring together a novice.

Burnett recalled, “Perry Lafferty, a CBS executive, to be a small worried around Vicki’s being so wet behind the ears: ‘She’s rough.’ Our answer was, ‘So are diamonds, in ~ first.’ She was hired.”