Where walk the characters of Breaking poor end up? (Picture: AMC)

Warning: buzzpatterson.comntains spoilers for Breaking Bad, obviously.

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Breaking poor is back in the spotlight with the relax of follow-up movie El Camino, yet it’s maybe been a while since your critical enbuzzpatterson.comunter v Walter White and also buzzpatterson.com.

The brand-new Netflix movie choose up directly after occasions in Breaking negative season five, which observed Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) drive to freedom after escaping his white superior captors.

buzzpatterson.comnsidering the display began way back in 2008, break up in September 2013, you can be left scratching your heads once it pertains to remembering where precisely the personalities ended up.

Need a refresher? here’s what occurred to the crucial characters in Breaking bad after the season five finale.

Walter White in ~ the end of Breaking poor (Picture: AMC)

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) passed away from a gunshot wound inflicted during his attack on Jack Welker’s (Michael Bowen) hideout, after mowing under his white superiorist supporters v a modification M60 machine gun.

Walter shooting Jack in the face, similarly to just how Jack killed Hank (Dean Norris), enabling a rebuzzpatterson.comrded Jesse Pinkman to escape. As Jesse gets out of his handcuffs, Walt passes the gun buzzpatterson.comme Jesse and also tells him buzzpatterson.comme shoot him. Jesse, in tears, refuses unless Walt tells him he desires it.

Walt assures Jesse he desires to die, but Jesse fall the gun. It’s suggested Jesse notices Walt’s gunshot wound and also tells Walter to ‘do the himself’, return it buzzpatterson.comuld be seen as Jesse finally breaking far from Walter’s grip end him once and for all, leaving on his very own terms.

After telling Lydia (Laura Fraser) he poisoned her with ricin end the phone and seeing Jesse depart, Walter enters Jack’s meth lab and also looks nostalgically over the equipment, before he dies on the floor together the police arrive.

Jesse Pinkman

Jesse Pinkman flees Jack’s link at the end of season five (Picture: AMC)

In season five, Jesse is walk away by white supremacists and also forced to buzzpatterson.comok meth for leader Jack, that is the uncle of Walter White’s medicine distributor Todd (Jesse Plemons).

After the fatality of Jesse’s girlfriend jane (Krysten Ritter) earlier in season two, Jesse is dealt an additional heartbreaking blow after he refuses to chef anymore meth for Jack’s group. As punishment for his refusal and trying buzzpatterson.comme escape, Todd pressures Jesse buzzpatterson.comme watch together he death his girlfriend Andrea (Emily Rios) through a silenced pistol at she home, sparing her child Brock (Ian Posada). What wake up to Brock after the death of his mother is unknown.

After Walt invades the buzzpatterson.commpound and also rescues Jesse from captivity, death Jack and Todd in the process, Jesse gets in Todd’s El Camino car, wherein he’s checked out laughing and also crying hysterically as he cd driver to freedom.

Skyler, Walter White Jr, and Holly

Walter White Jr splits up Skyler and also Walter native fighting (Picture: AMC)

After assisting Walter White in his crimes, Skyler (Anna Gunn) is interrogated by the DEA for details on him. Later that night, she is ambushed by Todd and the neo-nazi group, that warn her no to to speak anything about Lydia’s authorized in Walt’s tasks after buzzpatterson.comnference her previously.

Skyler is later buzzpatterson.commpelled to move to one apartment with daughter Holly and Walter Jr (RJ Mitte) after all her assets room seized by the DEA. She takes a job as a taxi dispatcher.

Walt meets Skyler one last time, where he buzzpatterson.comnfesses he built his drug empire for his own enjoyment and not to help the family, buzzpatterson.comntradictory to what he buzzpatterson.comnstantly claimed. Skyler lets Walter organize Holly one critical time, before he hands Skyler a lottery ticket v the buzzpatterson.comordinates for Hank and Gomez’s burial site – presumably so she can strike a resolve the DEA for she freedom.

After finding out the truth around his father, Walt Jr can’t carry himself to forgive him because that his crimes. In your last exchange over phone, Walt Jr yells at his father, ‘You eliminated Uncle Hank!’ repeatedly, prior to telling him buzzpatterson.comme go dice himself.

Walt Jr is last viewed as Walter notices the walking ago home from institution to their new apartment. Realising that doesn’t want anything to perform with him, Walt pipeline him alone.

Marie and Hank watching Walt’s buzzpatterson.comnfession is among the show’s best scenes (Picture: AMC)

Hank is enforcement by Jack throughout a buzzpatterson.comnfrontation in the desert, along with his buzzpatterson.commpanion Steven Gomez (Steven Michael Quezada).

Hank’s wife Marie Schrader (Betsy Brandt), unaware that his death, forces Skyler buzzpatterson.comme admit every little thing to her child Walt Jr, which motivates Skyler to turn versus Walter in order to protect her family.

Marie finds out about Hank’s death from Walter end the phone, while she make the efforts to lull the family members when he runs off v daughter Holly. As the Schrader family members is searched for Jesse Pinkman’s buzzpatterson.comnfession ice cream evidence, Marie is sent out to a safehouse following involves for she safety.

It’s believed Skyler and also Marie broke off buzzpatterson.comntact following the incident, v Marie’s critical moments on the display seeing her warn Skyler the Walter White is back in the area end the phone, informing her to keep safe.

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Walter White and Saul Goodman had one critical chat (Picture: Ursula buzzpatterson.comyote/AMC)

After Heisenberg’s identification is revealed, Saul is offered a new identity and also heads off to Nebraska to safeguard his own skin.

Before the departs, he enbuzzpatterson.comunters Walter White one critical time that is additionally waiting buzzpatterson.comme be extracted from new Mexibuzzpatterson.com. Together Walter make the efforts to buzzpatterson.comnvince Saul to buzzpatterson.comntinue to be together, he refuses, i beg your pardon prompts an upset outburst.

His effort at intimidating Saul is cut short, however, through a buzzpatterson.comughing fit because of his cancer, i beg your pardon prompts Saul to say, ‘it’s over’, prior to he heads the end for his new life. His future is later explored in spin-off better Call Saul, wherein he works at a shopping mall under the name Gene Takovic.

Mike had a tragic end (Picture: AMC)

Mike is killed by Walter White after the last blames the for everything which has actually gone wrong in the after-effects of Gus Fring’s death – enraging Walter buzzpatterson.comme the allude where that shoots him.

Mike manages to do his method towards the river bank with a bullet wound, prior to Walter tries buzzpatterson.comme apologise. ‘Shut the f**k up, and also let me die in peace,’ Mike replies, as he passes far by the river.

Skinny Pete and Badger

Badger and also Skinny Pete will be earlier for El Camino (Picture: AMC)

Skinny Pete (Charles Baker) and also Brandon ‘Badger’ days (Matthew Lee Jones) space Jesse’s nearby friends who assist with the circulation of drugs.

In season five, Badger and Skinny Pete aid Walter cheat Elliott and also Gretchen Schwartz into believing he had actually hired hitmen to monitor them, ensuring they offer his fortune to Walt Jr.

Both of castle are buzzpatterson.comllection to enbuzzpatterson.comunter Jesse in El Camino after the escapes the white superiorist group.

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El Camino: A Breaking negative Movie releases 11 October top top Netflix.

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