RAPPER XXXTentacion was fatally shot during a rob in Florida as soon as he left a motorcycle dealership.

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But what else carry out we know about how the controversial musician to be killed?


The rapper was 20 years old when he was gunned downCredit: AP:Associated Press

When and where walk XXXTentacion get shot?

XXXTentacion to be fatally shot as he drove away from a motorbike showroom in Deerfield Beach, Florida, ~ above June 18, 2018.

The 20-year-old was rushed to hospital wherein he was claimed dead.

Police evidenced the artist, real surname Jahseh Onfroy, to be approached through two equipped suspects shortly after 4pm.

Broward county Sheriff's room said: "Investigators to speak it appears to be a possible robbery.

"Onfroy to be transported come Broward health and wellness North wherein he was pronounced dead."

Who eliminated XXXTentacion?

Four guys were charged with the rapper's killing of the rapper.

The Broward county Sheriff called them together Dedrick Williams, Michael Boatwright and Robert Allen, and also Trayvon Newsome.

No trial date has been collection as yet, report the sunlight Sentinel in may 2021.

All 4 men were charged with first-degree murder v a firearm, and also armed robbery.

Detective john Cucio stated the guys were armed and also had "demanded property" native the rapper.


Police officers in Miami examine a auto following the shooting of XXXTentacionCredit: AP:Associated Press

Who to be XXXTentacion?

The Florida rapper had more than 500,000 Twitter followers and 400 million theatre on SoundCloud.

He had also been feuding through Drake, declare the Grammy-award win artist had actually been ripping off his music.

XXXTentacion had been arrested and charged v robbery and assault through a fatal weapon.

He to be awaiting trial because that a string of domestic violence charges versus his pregnant girl friend Geneva Ayala.

She ended up giving birth to their baby, Gekyume Onfroy, 7 months ~ he to be shot dead.

In 2017 the sparked outrage after ~ releasing a video showed that lynching a white child.

In shocking scenes the rapper can be viewed leading a black child and white boy up come a swinging noose in a blacked out room.


XXXTentacion's an individual life to be plagued by allegations of domestic violenceCredit: Getty images - Getty

He climate slips the noose end the white boy's head prior to pulling a rope together the boy is raised into the air.

In June 2017 the rapper was knocked out on stage - apparently by a rival's thug pal - sparking a mass brawl.

Tributes poured in after his fatality from other musicians Kanye West, Blink 182's Travis Barker, hip-hop artist and record producer J. Cole and singer Diplo.

Documentary maker and i know good hop fan Louis Theroux said: "Notwithstanding an individual demons, he was a huge talent & happen a beautiful brand-new feel to hip hop. For this reason sad."

His 3rd LP Skins, to be released posthumously.

Its ten tracks including solitary One Minute, special Kanye West, is only 19 minute long.

XXXTentacion was shot dead while encountering a cable of domestic violence chargesCredit: Florida Dept. Of corrections via Wikimedia Commons

When to be XXXTentacion's birthday?

The rapper to be born top top January 23, 1998.

Who were XXXTentacion's ex-girlfriends?

Geneva Ayala is one ex-girlfriend that rapper XXXTentacion.

She had asserted the artist physically and verbally abused her during their relationship.

Their connection allegedly began after a vault ex-boyfriend posted an illicit snapshot of Ayala there is no consent.

Despite not knowing her, the rapper insisted top top fighting she boyfriend, and the pair met because that the first time in November 2014.

After 4 intense work together, lock parted and also didn't see each various other for one more 18 months, when their accused toxic relationship resumed.


Geneva Ayala has asked people to leave her alone ~ the fatality of the ex-boyfriend she stated abused herCredit: Instagram

Writing top top Twitter after his death, Ayala said: "It's venomous the human being are speaking for me.

"i don’t care if no one cared about me yet many months ago, ns didn’t shed my life. The did.

"it’s permanent. I'm still here. Like how do friend think that provides me feel?

"everyone expecting me to be relieved or happy?! No, ns broken".

A ice cream of that talking around his ex-girlfriend was later revealed through the Pitchfork website, which claims it was acquired by the cops.

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