Yolanda Foster, influential celebrity top top the reality present Real Housewives that Beverly Hills, was diagnosed through Lyme an illness in 2012. Till this year, the diagnoses of she two kids Bella and Anwar Hadid had been preserved from the public eye.

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After gift honored at the an international Lyme Alliance Gala in brand-new York City early on October, Yolanda announced come the crowd that her 2 youngest kids were also diagnosed with Lyme and had been experiencing in silence for the past three years.

The heart-wrenching speech revealed the fact star’s true struggle with the disease and the chronic symptom the tick-born condition produces.

During her announcement, Yolanda proclaims, “When my two youngest children, Bella (18) and Anwar (16), to be diagnosed v chronic Lyme an illness in beforehand 2012, watching mine babies struggle in quiet in order to assistance me in mine journey, win the deepest main point of hopelessness within of me.”


The ache Symptoms

Many who suffer from Lyme and have been left one of two people untreated or misdiagnosed feel the exact same hopelessness Yolanda Foster attested to throughout her speech. The frustration of handling pain the is viewed to be imagine or exaggeration is very common, especially with cases that have been left undiagnosed because that years ~ above end.

On and off fatigue, brain fog, muscle aches, and various neurological symptoms can be all attributed to Lyme disease. The border is so broad and differed from person to person that the disease is often misdiagnosed.

Even after ~ diagnosis, Yolanda proclaimed on she blog previously this year the she might no much longer “read, write, or also watch TV.” Antibiotic treatments room not always an end-all cure come Lyme disease. Countless patients relapse and suffer symptom on and off because that years after ~ diagnosis and also treatment.

Yolanda Foster’s War versus Lyme

Yolanda Foster has actually joined the ranking of other affected celebrities in the fight versus Lyme disease. Publically, she vowed come her youngsters that she would fight to find a cure. Yolanda isn’t alone. Like numerous Lyme sufferers, she has learned that the disease is far an ext common than statistically perceived. Yolanda and her family must endure the debilitating results of Lyme while she looks for a cure.

After Yolanda’s children moved the end of your lavish Malibu mansion, Yolanda and also husband David Foster have recently made decision to offer the dream home in an effort to emphasis on her recovery. Together Yolanda and also her two youngsters continue to experience the symptoms of Lyme, castle are compelled to change their method of life in order to recover. Regardless of diagnosis and treatment, Yolanda and her household are continually handling the long-term effects of Lyme an illness as they seek out a cure.

Dealing through a Chronic Lyme disease Infection

When and if Lyme sufferers are lastly diagnosed, they room directed to take it antibiotics every day because that at the very least two to 4 weeks. If diagnosed an extremely early on, antibiotics can be effective and rid the body of the bacter infection. But, in reality, most patients room diagnosed years after early stage infection and also they room suffering from a spectrum of symptoms due to the ubiquity of the epidemic and affect it has on other bodily systems. In this cases, it normally takes antibiotics to add a substantial Lyme condition treatment regimen to relax the symptoms of Lyme disease.

The LifeWorks Lyme condition Treatment Protocol

At LifeWorks well-being Center, we technique Lyme disease from the inside out making use of an different treatment protocol. Antibiotics, especially if offered for a long duration of time, develop an imbalance in the gut. The an excellent bacteria that protect the digestive mechanism are eliminated off by antibiotics and this pipeline your immune mechanism open for a resurgence of Lyme and also other infections.

With ozone therapy, super charge oxygen (O3) is administered via Biophoton treatment & UVBI treatment. By oxygenating the blood, girlfriend are giving your human body the armor it demands to fight turn off the bacteria holistically. Low oxygen level are continuously tied come chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, and also even cancer.

Our Lyme treatment Works

Many patients have tried every little thing under the sun to cure their Lyme disease. Yet, treatment after treatment, patients space left through painful symptoms and wasted money and also time. Based upon many patience reports, LifeWorks Wellness center is frequently their last avoid on the roadway to a long-term handling.

Patients who have actually undergone our distinctive treatment protocol have actually testified to its effectiveness. Us treat the disease by not just attacking it straight but additionally by significantly improving the body’s defenses, eliminating an additional infections, infusing the body v targeted IV’s and also through the use of targeted nutritional therapies. As a result, us can acquire a remission of symptoms and also recovery the health.

Book one Appointment with a Lyme Specialist

At LifeWorks wellness Center, us strive to improve the quality of your life v holistic healing. We believe that the body needs to it is in treated v the utmost care, and our natural and also holistic treatment and approach protects and also strengthens the human body so that it has actually the means to defeat a Lyme Infection. We space confident that our advanced Lyme condition protocol will certainly help.

If you suspect you are suffering from Lyme disease, we can assist you.

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