It’s one point plucking increase the courage to execute your first bungee jump, however once she over the fear, what around the coming earlier up again? how they acquire you back up after ~ a bungee jump is in reality pretty simple. Yet did friend know, friend can likewise be lowered under too? this is what both coming back methods involve…

How perform you get back up after ~ bungee jumping? How you get earlier up (or under to the ground) ~ bungee jumping will depend on the bungee run mechanism and also location. Part bungee operators will pull you ago up come the platform using pulleys and ropes, conversely, others will gently reduced you come the ground.

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Different methods you can gain off a bungee jump

There space two different ways in i beg your pardon bungee jumps will certainly work.

Some will lower you down to the ground tenderness after a jump.Others will pull you earlier up to the jumping platform.

For example, if you bungee jumping off a bridge over water, a lot of the time you will certainly brought ago up come the bridge platform if yes no boat. If she bungee jumping native a crane, they will most likely lower you under gently top top an blow up mat.

You deserve to get back after bungee jumping with either lowering under or pulling up.

Here’s some much more detail top top each method used for obtaining you earlier up or down after a bungee jump, with a video clip of each one mirroring you how civilization get off.

How do you come ago up ~ bungee jumping?

How they acquire you ago up ~ a bungee jump will depend on the bungee operator’s set-up. It will certainly either it is in a hand-operated return method, or one automated pulley-block system.

Manual return method

In some places in Thailand I’ve viewed it occupational like this:

Person bungee jumps turn off a bridge.After a couple of bounces, the jump is completed.Rope is climate lowered down to the person.Person climate clips the rope to the bungee harness with a carabiner.Team of operators then pull the person back up come the leg or platform.

Automated return method

In the United claims I’ve seen more facility mechanisms where it’s an automated device for acquiring you ago up after ~ the bungee jump.

Person bungee jumps turn off the platform.After a couple of bounces, the run is completed.A ring v a rope attached to it comes under the bungee cord.The rope connects come the bungee cord and also locks utilizing the ring mechanism.The automated pulley mechanism is activated, pulling the person earlier up.Watch an instance of the automated rope and pulley return method

In the video clip below you deserve to see an instance of the Nevis Bungy in Queenstown, new Zealand (see website). In ~ 134 meters, it’s the highest in new Zealand, and the third highest in the world.

Watch from about 4 minutes and also 15 secs in and you will check out the girl gift pulled back up come the jumping platform v a rope and pulley mechanism.

How do you acquire down come the ground ~ a bungee jump?

So that’s exactly how to get back up indigenous bungee jumping, however what around jumps where you need to get back down come the soil afterwards?

It’s pretty basic and works like this:

Person bungee jumps turn off the platform.After a few bounces, the jump is completed.The operator then extend the bungee cord come gently reduced the human being to the ground.

The bungee cord is attached to a rope which is run with a series of pulleys to make it safe. Over there is a rope brake which will assist to slow the lowering to the ground, wherein an operator will fulfill you to remove the harness and bungee cord.

This an approach can either be manual or automated using machinery. I know which i would rather rely on!

Watch an instance of the lowering execute the ground method

In this video clip you can see a bungee jump from a 200-foot crane platform. If you watch the video clip from approximately 1 minute 30 seconds you will view the human being being lowered earlier to the ground after ~ the jump has actually finished.

How execute you gain off a bungee jump? 

How you acquire off a bungee run after you’ve been pulled back up or lowered to the soil is also an extremely simple.

The operator on the jumping communication or ~ above the blow up mat on the ground will certainly disconnect the safety and security harnesses, which can be approximately your feet or whole body.

How many civilization die from bungee jumping?

You can be very apprehensive about your first bungee jump. It’s no at every surprising and you i will not ~ be human being if friend weren’t. Everyone is scared around their first jump.

But let me put you mind at ease. Bungee jumping is statistically very safe, specifically when contrasted to other extreme sports. I did some research to view how numerous recorded deaths I can find, and it’s not actually the many. You deserve to see what I uncovered out bungee death statistics in this various other blog post.


Ever heard the expression “what goes up must come down”? ns am sure you have, but what about when that reversed? With plenty of bungee jumps, what goes under will also come earlier up!

But, favor I’ve said, it’s every to do with the certain bungee jumping set-up she taking part in. V some that not feasible to pull you ago up, cranes and also some bridges over water being standard examples.

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With others, it’s simply a instance of tenderness lowering you to the ground.

Me personally? I dislike heights, so don’t really desire to acquire pulled ago up, I’d rather simply lowered back to the floor as soon as possible!