Ramón want the American dream, but now sells it. He smuggles dozens the migrants across the Rio Grande every week. He is one of the contact in a network that stretches from central America to Texas. And also he pays a reduced to the mexico cartels.

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REYNOSA, Mexico – Ramón came to the border looking for the American dream, however now provides a life by offering it – smuggling migrants indigenous the Mexican next of the Rio Grande come the U.S. Side.

“People indigenous practically all of the world. Not just Latin Americans. World from Asia, Africa, all that. And also you ask yourself exactly how they manage to obtain here," claimed the 31-year old. They all come due to the fact that of the so-called American Dream, i beg your pardon is a big lie."

Over the six years he"s been functioning as a coyote, he"s remained in the United states "hundreds the times."

Ramón, that would not offer his critical name, claimed he typically smuggles five to 20 migrants in ~ a time. With much less than five, there"s no profit. Smuggling, after all, is business.

Ramón claims he began out helping other coyotes. After 6 years that now has his own business, which concentrates on one of the critical stages of the trip -- when migrants overcome the border.

“It"s money. It payment well. Friend don"t job-related hard. There"s a most risk, but the salary is good,” the said.

His is a organization of contacts. Ramón says it"s essential to have contacts follow me Mexico"s southern boundaries with Guatemala and also Belize, because that"s where the sector starts. He also has to be great to his clients, who might need him later on to smuggle their relatives or friends.

His main work tool is his cell phone, i m sorry he offers to talk to people in main America, in southerly and main Mexico and in Texas to coordinate the work. They space cogs in a smuggling network that uses trucks and also hideouts, and bribes come authorities and also payoffs to drug cartels.

Drug cartels that operate along the Mexico-U.S. Border are an additional tentacle in the migrant smuggling business.

“They space our ticket into the unified States, because they space the ones who control the border,” the coyote said. In Reynosa and also the neighboring state of Tamalulipas, the Gulf Cartel controls the border. Los Zetas regulate regions to the west.

Ramón said he payment the cartel for each client; more for adults, less for minors. The cartel"s males sometimes show up prior to the groups cross, to counting the migrants and make sure the coyotes pay the right amount.

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“If girlfriend fail to salary for just one person, you are breaking your word. And your indigenous is the only thing the counts here,” that said.