Occasionally, you might try soda indigenous one fountain and also find the to have a damaging aftertaste, while soda native a various restaurant’s soda fractional tastes just fine.

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This distinction can lead people to wonder where soda fountains acquire their water and also what kind of a distinction it can make in the taste of their drink.

So carry out soda fountains usage tap water?

They perform use insanity water, in the vast bulk of cases. Insanity water is able to hook up to many soda fountains’ interior pumps, providing fresh cold water constantly transparent the day.

Since new cold water is forced to make new carbonated water, soda fountains can take benefit of the accessibility of city tap water and also its temperature control to best effect.

Tap water is typically filtered, too, so it doesn’t save a big number of health risks like some civilization may think. If filtered water that has been excessively treated in little batches can be also healthier as result of having under contaminants, such a system is impractical for many soda spring usage.

Soda fountains typically dispense a ton the soda in any kind of given day.

Since the equipments are designed to fit ~ above the countertops of many restaurant tables or bars, their water tanks can’t be big enough to effectively store a bunch that slow-treated water for the whole day’s business. Therefore, tap water is a logical source for most soda fountains.

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Scale Matters through Soda Fountains

So why is insanity water the kind that is nearly universally used among soda fountains?


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It’s mostly a matter of scale. As soon as you think about the truth that most soda fountains are mounted at restaurants and also other places where civilization consume a many soda, it becomes clear that tap water is the only choice for the vast majority of businesses.

People drink numerous gallons the soda each day. While a solitary soda fractional won’t with this amount on that own, a single restaurant might serve numerous hundred gallons the soda ~ above a busy day and many more over the course of whole week.

Soda fountains have a fixed dimension that can’t go past a particular limit.

Their reservoirs because that filtered water have to be restricted to up to a few gallons in order come accommodate the space inside a restaurant or purchase mall. Due to the fact that of this, refilling the water tanks v water brought from another resource besides the city tap is impractical in most cases.

Water from the tap have the right to be supplied to refill the carbonation tank nearly immediately. The tank deserve to be associated right come the exact same water resource used by the home restaurant, hotel, or venue, therefore the fountain have the right to have an endless supply anytime the it needs fresh water.

This eliminates part labor indigenous the fountain’s maintenance crew, as well. They already have to refill soda flavoring bags, the ice cream bin, and also the carbon dioxide tanks regularly. Making the so the water is the one element they don’t have to worry around is a good weight off your shoulders.

It likewise ensures that the water fountain part of the machine will constantly work, also if the carbonation process is in require of repair.

Giving your customers filtered water on demand is a requirement for any kind of restaurant.

While it’s feasible to have actually your very own soda fountain and only to fill it v filtered water the doesn’t come native your regional tap, you won’t have the ability to keep up through the kind of dispensing and also production that many commercial soda fountains check out on a day-to-day basis. In addition, regional tap water has actually the benefit of being warm or cold together desired, so soda fountains can get all the cool water they should serve your thirsty client at a moment’s notice.

Essentially, madness water is supplied in many soda fountains due to the fact that it’s the just real an option for business. Soda fountains aren’t designed to dispense high-quality handmade soda; they’re draft to give out a lot of of constant soda in quick succession.

Local insanity Water is typically Filtered & for sure For Soda

That being said, there’s nothing necessarily wrong v using consistent tap water in soda.

For one, most tap water is filtered to such a degree that girlfriend shouldn’t have the ability to tell any noticeable difference in taste once the water has actually been combined with the soda ingredients.

Coca-Cola from one soda fountain candlestick not to taste much different from Coca-Cola from an additional soda fountain.

For another, madness water filter technologies have grown over time. If it’s true that some places have better-filtered insanity water than others, most tap water is appropriately filtered come be safe for regular drinking. This way that the is perfectly fine because that mixing v soda without lending any kind of health dangers to the drinker.

There is a multitude of different filter technologies which might be used by a city come clean your tap water prior to consumption. In most cases, cities filter water with several different mechanisms to clean out a variety of different particulates or contaminants.


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In addition, a soda fountain and restaurant could have its own filters to more clear far the madness water prior to it’s mixed with the soda ingredients. Overall, filtered insanity water is naught to it is in afraid of and most soda created in factories supplies the exact same kind of water, just filtered to an extreme degree.

There space filters the use activated carbon come absorb particulates, mechanically filters or screens with very small holes to prevent solid issue from passing through, ion exchange units to reduce the visibility of hard metals choose lead in water, and even ultraviolet treatments.

These last therapies kill any excess bacteria within the water and also can prevent the spread of disease.

In numerous cases, every one of the above technologies are provided in conjunction to make sure that the water provided to the general public is of good quality. These technologies space the very same kinds frequently used in countless home water purification filters, such together those which affix directly to the faucet or into the interior of a pitcher.

Carbonation is included To Soda spring Tap Water

As you know, you can’t have a soda fountain without carbonated water. The carbonation the a cup of soda is added right in your usual soda spring apparatus.

The procedure is fairly simple. Carbon dioxide gas is generally mixed with very cold insanity water in a high-pressure environment. This environment is sealed to maintain the pressure correctly. But how pressurized?

About 7 times the normal atmospheric pressure! That’s a most pressure, yet soda fountains space well built to store the push tanks concealed deep within the device and protection so that they don’t accidentally explode and vent your high-pressure carbon dioxide into the restaurant.


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It’s under this excessive pressurization the the carbon dioxide gas dissolves into the very cool water. The temperature matters due to the fact that water that is close to freezing can hold 5 times as lot carbon dioxide as water the is around the room temperature. An ext carbon dioxide is that the soda will be more carbonated and retain that is fizzy nature for much longer.

It’s therefore that friend might notice that soda fractional soda frequently bubbles just a small bit much more than the normal deserve to or bottle that you might buy the grocery store.

Although it has actually been “carbonated”, the water inside the soda room hasn’t yet gained its buzz. That part comes when the carbonated water is released into the mix chamber where it’ll communicate with a normal atmospheric pressure level. The carbon dioxide in the water will attempt to escape and also become bubbly as a result.

How the Soda Fountain an equipment Works

This carbonated insanity water is then mixed with various flavored syrups to create the soda that is dispensed in ~ the vibrant nozzles at the receiving area. In many soda fountains, the various syrups and also flavors are associated to the soda water via plastic bags hooked up to tubes.

When a customer pushes the lever for a given selection of soda, the flavoring is traction downward come mix through the adhering to soda water simply as it emerges from the dispenser. The mix happens right before your really eyes even though it’s concealed just beyond view.

The soda water is preserved icy many thanks to the ice cream bin that’s normally built at the optimal of a typical soda fountain. This ice cream bin is additionally where the ice dispensary it s okay its supply.

Most soda fountains have as plenty of flavors together they have the right to fit bags right into the apparatus over the dispensers. This commonly works out to in between eight and a dozen depending on the dimension of the device and how popular particular flavors can be; it’s not unusual for soda fountains to dual up top top the classics like Coke.

Still an ext advanced soda fountains have innovative internal spinning apparatuses that permit their owners to save dozens that soda spices and types all at one time.

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They use larger tanks of carbonated water and also touchscreen interfaces come let civilization mix-and-match various soda spices to come up through their own favorite soft drinks. These are usually discovered in malls rather than restaurants due to their larger size.