They’re one of the many interesting pets on the planet, yet there is one point scientists and filmmakers can’t figure out about an excellent white sharks.

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They might be among the many fascinating creatures on the planet, mostly since of their reputation together ferocious man-eaters (thanks Jaws).

But very tiny is known about a huge part of a an excellent white shark’s life: their mating habits.

In fact, filmmakers have asserted the action itself has never been filmed, or also observed, among good whites.

In irradiate of Shark Week, which kicks turn off on Foxtel native Thursday, we’ve found this impressive fact, through two-time Emmy Award-winning cinematographer and also wildlife movie housing Andy Brandy Casagrande IV declare in one interview last year that shooting an excellent whites doing the deed would be a large coup.

“The divine grail for many shark filmmakers would be to capture great white sharks mating,” the told psychological Floss.

“No one’s ever witnessed it. There’s no video clip proof or satellite data or noþeles to display when, where, and also how white sharks mate.”

But that may have actually just to be broken. In July this year, the non-profit Atlantic White Shark Conservancy claimed it had shot the “first clip ever” of an excellent whites “interacting” yet couldn’t check whether it was actually mating offered the lack of previous research.

The drone footage was taken in the waters off Chatham, a town located on the southeastern pointer of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and also shows one shark approaching the various other in a short encounter that lasts no an ext than two seconds. Clock the fascinating footage below.

“Based on scarring patterns and also wounds, we understand that white sharks off Cape Cod typically bite each other,” Greg Skomal native the Massachusetts division of maritime Fisheries (DMF) called buzzpatterson.buzzpatterson.comweek. (Male sharks are thought to bite your mate before impregnating them).

“However, till this video was shot, we had actually never actually witnessed any kind of social interaction.

“The video clip shows a smaller white shark approach and also make call with a bigger white shark, which quickly left the area.

“We are now analyzing the video more closely to identify if this to be aggressive and/or defensive behaviour or, perhaps, associated with mating.”

That research is still underway, so for now, it’s quiet a grey area.

What we do know is sharks don’t reach sex-related maturity till pretty so late in life. Of their mean 70-year life span, male great whites space thought to reach sex-related maturity in ~ 26, when females space 33, with an 11-month gestation period.

In a wide-ranging interview around what it’s choose to be a Shark mainly filmmaker, grandfather Casagrande likewise foiled our cool plans to safeguard ourselves in the off occasion we could buzzpatterson.come face-to-face with among the predators. Yes, apparently punching lock in the nose to scare them turn off is a full myth.

“The fact is the sharks are pretty durable,” the said.

“Plus, water magnifies images. The shark’s nose can look choose it’s 6 inches in front of her face yet in truth its snout is additional away and also when friend punch and miss the nose, your punch trajectory will go slightly downward right into the shark’s mouth. Don’t placed your eight in a shark’s mouth.”

Shark week is subscription TV’s longest-running event, v the discovery Channel to run the hugely effective TV event each year for 25 years.

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