People that watch a most reality TV know that some of the plots and also storylines have the right to be a small fake, but My huge Fat American Gypsy Wedding takes it come a whole brand-new level. The TLC show, which concentrates on two ethnic nomadic communities, Romanis, and also Irish Travelers, exposes viewers come over-the-top wedding dresses, teenager brides, and also trailer park fighting matches. It"s the kind of warm mess that world just can"t look away from.

How large are truth star salaries? Jason Tartick breaks it down through Us Weekly editors.

Although TLC to be accused the glorifying an unfavorable stereotypes ~ above the series, the wasn"t till a 2014 Facebook short article by Season 1 participant Priscilla Kelly the fans learned the extent producers go to gain their particular narrative, which included hiring actors and even yes, faking weddings. "Basically told me if I would certainly just get married that didn"t matter who it was it didn"t need to be legal just so they had actually something to placed on TV," she wrote. "Now isn"t the pitiful I"m therefore ashamed that I even did the show."

Oh, and it gets worse. Below, seven an ext ways My huge Fat American Gypsy Wedding isn"t what friend think.

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Not every the weddings room real.

Although most world have learned to expropriate that most reality mirrors aren"t 100 percent real, MBFAGW fans might be a tiny surprised to discover that the weddings, ya know, the primary emphasis of the show, space fake. Although plenty of fans have actually gossiped around this for years, Season 1 participant Priscilla Kelly officially confirmed it earlier in 2014.

On she Facebook, she go on a lengthy rant where she referred to as out TLC and accused the display of portraying Romani society inaccurately. " offering human being to gain married yet without even paperwork just to have something to put on the present basically fake marital relationships fake engagements," she wrote. "We were claimed to save it hush hush it being made up, but I might not take it it anymore."

In fact, the "fake weddings" are so rampant, many Facebook fans have started questioning participants from the display to article their marital relationship licenses as proof that the nuptials space real.


Many world on the display aren"t actually from the Romani or ireland Traveler community.

Although the present is claimed to it is in a candid view of "travelers," no all the entrants featured on the display are from one of two people nomadic ethnic group. In fact, follow to Priscilla, many of the world featured on the present are in reality "gorjas," or outsiders.

"Well the an initial season correct I deserve to say there were a couple of real Gypsy," she clarified on she Facebook. "Second season I would say 90 percent were and also then it simply went straight downhill from there. There"s nothing wrong through gorja"s yet when you put a show together and put a specific race or society it need to be 100% that gyeongju or culture."

The show likewise allegedly rental actors instead of genuine people. "The sad part is they basically told my mother on the phone this evening this year is a bunch of payment actors," Priscilla wrote. "They must be awkward of their me ."

A commenter in the exact same Facebook short article cosigned the allegations against TLC. " messaged me on fb asking me to carry out the show," lock wrote. "I was choose im not even a gypsy, im italian!"


There’s no such thing as a "grabbing" tradition, no one is over there a "gypsy ball."

On the show, numerous participants love talking about the patriarchal heritage of "grabbing" where guys walk approximately women and also force a kiss top top them. However, genuine Romanis and Irish Travelers have revealed the no such "tradition" exists.

"Grabbing has never taken place to me or any of my friends and the first time I ever saw it to be on the ," a 15-year-old ireland Traveler said The Guardian. "I wouldn"t put up with it, and I don"t know why they make out we all do it. It"s simply one nasty young they showed." An anonymous Romani blogger had similar thoughts. "I asked my brothers if the had grabbed his wife, however it turned the end he had actually just asked her the end on a date instead," castle wrote. "It appears that in reality, no one actually knows what grabbing is, in fact Gypsy and Traveller guys actually have actually a many respect for their females after all."

Oh, and those "gypsy balls"? Those to be embellished through TLC as well. "No gypsy i have ever before known knows of any annual gypsy ball," Priscilla wrote. "Its all comprised for tlc TV ratings."


The flashy weddings and over-the-top dresses are sensationalized because that TV.

Those large gigantic costume in stunner colors might be what do My big Fat American Gypsy Wedding therefore alluring, but they"re largely there just for TV. "I don"t recognize a gypsy in America that has those big of wedding costume they just don"t do it," Priscilla wrote. "And I additionally will say yes they have actually beautiful weddings simply like any other person that wants a wedding they celebrate points with numerous family, similar to a lot of cultures do but as far as those large dresses for sure not."

According to an cotton Romani blogger, the large dresses room a decimal within the community. "I"ve to be to plenty of Gypsy and also Traveller weddings," lock wrote, "but I"m yet to to visit a wedding whereby the bride"s dress weighs more than my whole family."


Not all Romanis or irish Travelers live in trailers.

Although human being featured ~ above the show live in trailers, campers, or caravans, the majority of nomadic ethnic communities actually live in houses, about 60 percent of them in the UK. In Priscilla"s episode, she"s shown standing in former of a camper and calling it her "gypsy home," yet she currently says TLC made her say that.

"That was a camper we had for revenue at a campground my real home was 7 miles native there," she clarified in her epic facebook post. "My residence is beautiful is two story brick residence on 5 acres of home with horses yet no girlfriend didn"t see any type of of that did you."

Participants aren"t even paid to show up on the show.

Surprisingly, regardless of baring your souls (and dignity) for TLC cameras, many people featured top top the present allegedly don"t even receive a paycheck. "For the document they do not pay united state anything to execute the show," Priscilla wrote. "So we are obtaining nothing yet disrespect native other people who don"t know our culture."

Real Romanis and also Irish Travelers room ashamed the the show.

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Unsurprisingly, many civilization from both neighborhoods are disappointed in TLC and also the inaccurate portrayal of your cultures. Oksana Marafioti, author of American Gypsy: A Memoir, was initially asked to show up on the show however started to feel suspicious of TLC producers. "When ns met the producer, i was pleased to hear he to be still functioning on the show’s angle," she created in Slate. "But together we talked, he seemed to end up being increasingly disappointed with my profile. Together a college graduate, a classically trained pianist, and also member that the film industry, ns did no fit the bill of the "real gypsies" he was interested in meeting." She later on wrote an email to the producer asking him to refrain from record stereotypes of her culture, yet her letter to be ignored.

Other Romanis and also Travelers have actually also spoken up around their disappointed of the show and also how it portrays your culture. "The collection has given the old myths around gypsies gift immoral, flashy thef a glitzy TV makeover," Romani journalist Jake Bowers wrote. "By producing fiction, the display has missed the end on the facts."

However, Priscilla has actually been the most outspoken around her distaste through TLC and how they"ve tackled the series. "I"ve watched in amazement along with the remainder of the people for the very first time as soon as our show aired they edit it therefore bad, and also made things seemed the way they want it to look on TV simply for ratings," she wrote. "They had no factor to consider for any of us or our race our society or exactly how it would influence any of us to carry out the present they don"t care about anything except for the ratings shame on TLC."