Exchange digital is a cloud-based service that permits faculty and also staff to accessibility their email, calendar, and also contacts ~ above multiple devices via the web.

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Check out the comprehensive outlook assistance site or call the Customer company Center.

Frequently asked Questions

Your new Exchange digital account has an inbox through a 50 GB limit and an online archive with secondary 50 GB the space. If girlfriend require more storage than this, you deserve to archive old emails to totally free up much more space. For more information ~ above archiving your emails, follow this guide.

On your office desktop

Search for and also select her Outlook App and begin!

From other devices

Enter your entire email address and select Next.

The focused inbox is a method to different your most vital messages from those not requiring instant attention, but are still easily accessible.

Watch this video to learn more about managing your focused inbox.

To accessibility your college student worker email, log-into the Outlook web App by locating the connect in the Faculty & employee page or typing into your browser.

Next, go into your user name and also non-boilerkey password and press Sign-In.

You will certainly be command to log-in via the following connect to log-in:

Sign in through your username.stw
mine iPhone, OS version 9.1, is sending out out multiple invitations or acceptances for meetings — both future and also past.

To view if you have an digital archive, open an net browser and navigate to (if her email has not however been migrated to Exchange Online) or Log into your email with your username and also password. Research the folders on the left next of your mailbox and also locate your archive folder. Friend can likewise click top top this folder to increase it and see any type of folders that may be under it. Make note of the emails and also folders friend see.

Now open up your desktop Outlook program and also examine the folders top top the left-hand menu. If your desktop archive folder has the very same emails and also sub-folders together your net email archive, you have actually an virtual archive. If the emails are various or friend see various folders in your desktop computer archive the were not present in your webmail archive, then you have actually local save folders. If this is the case, call the CSC (csc for assistance in convert your local archive to an virtual archive.

A mutual calendar you had access to is no longer visible under "My Calendars" in Outlook.

Some users may experience calendars absent from their Outlook customer after lock or a common mailbox has actually been migrated. To settle this, right-click on”My Calendars” and re-add the calendar from the attend to book. The calendar should be visible again.

What if I already have an Office 365 or Exchange online account v my alias?

Purdue has actually its own Office 365 tenant the is fully separate from’s and will it is in no conflict here.

my mailbox is no longer forwarding message to an additional mailbox instantly after migrating.

These rules must be recreated. Mailbox forwarding rules are not moved over during the Exchange virtual migration. IS has actually attempted come recreate this on a per-user level, but some may have actually been missed. Please reach out to the CSC for aid in recreating these rules.

Student employees can"t login in after migration, either to Outlook, OWA, or both.

To maintain appropriate mail flow, the email accounts for college student workers necessary to be change the name to careeraccount.stw They will must use this login name to access their email.

Outlook is consistently prompting me to authenticate.

This have the right to mean a couple of things: Firstly, ensure you’re utilizing your proper username in the careeraccount format through the exactly password. If you still get the prompt after ~ that, you might need come rebuild her Outlook profile. Please call the CSC for assistance.

I get an error after ~ logging right into my mailbox that mentions walking to an additional URL to access my mailbox.

This is expected behavior after a user is migrated. Because is no much longer hosting your mailbox locally, you’ll need to use the link detailed ( to accessibility your mailbox in the future.

Outlook for Mac displays an error mentioning "Outlook to be redirected to the server..."

Users can safely check the box to “Always usage my an answer for this server” and also click “Allow” to stop this article from displaying in the future. This message shows up because the location of your mailbox has readjusted and no much longer exists v the first environment queried

How can I recoup deleted items in Outlook?

When friend accidentally delete things from her Outlook mailbox, you can often recover it. The very first place come look is the Deleted Items or Trash folder. Search for the item you want, climate right-click it and select MoveOther Folder. If girlfriend can’t find it there, the next measures depend ~ above what type of email account you have in Outlook.

Recover an object that’s no longer in your Deleted items folder

If you can’t find things in the Deleted Items folder, the next location to look is the Recoverable Items folder. Items will certainly be retained here for 30 days. This is a covert folder, and also it’s the ar where item are moved when girlfriend do among the following things:

Delete an object from the Deleted Items folder.Empty the Deleted Items folder.Permanently delete an object from the inbox or from one more folder by choosing it and pressing Shift+Delete.Step 1:

In Outlook, walk to your email folder list, and also then click Deleted Items. If you don’t see the Deleted Items folder, however instead check out the Trash folder, then your account doesn’t assistance recovering an item that’s no much longer in your Deleted Items folder.

Step 2:

On the house menu, select Recover turned off Items indigenous Server.

Step 3:

Select the item or items you want to recover, click Recover Selected Items and climate click OK.

Step 4:

Where perform recovered items go? once you recoup items native the Recoverable items folder, lock are moved to the deleted Items folder. Therefore after you recover an item, friend can find i in her Deleted items folder and also then move it to her inbox.

Couldn’t find it?

Remember that Exchange digital will retain deleted mail items for 30 days. If you cleared your turned off items folder, or permanently deleted it over 30 days ago, it will not be recoverable.

The answer to this concern depends on the kind of rule. In Outlook, there space two species of rules, client and server rules.

Client rule types are typically word filter rules choose “mark a blog post as important if it includes this word” or “move this email to a folder if it consists of this word”Serve Rules incorporate forwarding email from another internal user come a certain folder.

Server rule will constantly migrate through the mailbox come Office365 and customer rules will relocate as lengthy as the Outlook profile is still the same. For most users, unless they’ve necessary to rebuild your Outlook profile, every rules should be intact.

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After a user has actually been migrated to Office365 they are required to restart Outlook. Until this restart has actually taken place, any customer rules linked with the Outlook profile won’t procedure until the restart.