Recovering your Spotify account deserve to at times, be really frustrating. It doesn"t should be if you monitor this overview below.

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If you discover you room unable to log into your Spotify account, there space a few simple measures you have the right to follow:

Reset her Password

Enter her email address that is associated with her Spotify account, and also click "Send."

Go to the exact same email address" inbox and find the Spotify email. It could take a few minutes before the email shows up in her inbox. The email will certainly come native Spotify and will have the topic line, "Reset her password."

If a couple of minutes have passed and also you still carry out not see the email, examine your Spam or Junk folder.

If you have actually a Gmail account, check your society or Promotions tab.

Open the email, and click the "Reset password" link.

You will be redirected to a new page. Type your password in both of the fields and select "Send."

Go ago to the app on your mobile phone call or on your desktop, and log in through the exactly email resolve and the new password.

Sign in through Facebook

If that didn"t work, or if you don"t desire to go with the procedure of resetting your password, girlfriend can try logging into your Spotify account via your on facebook profile. This will certainly only occupational for human being that have associated their account to their facebook profile previously.

Go back into the mobile application or the desktop app, and also select "Login through Facebook."

If you"re currently logged right into Facebook on the maker you room using, you will be redirected to Spotify and the application will certainly open, all set for you come use.

If you"re not already logged on, a brand-new web web page will open up asking girlfriend to log in in to your Facebook v your username (or email address) and Facebook password. As soon as you"ve logged ~ above Facebook, you will be redirected come Spotify, and also be logged in.

If girlfriend don"t choose connecting your on facebook account to your Spotify account, use your on facebook to log in, and then disconnect your facebook account from Spotify.

After you have used facebook to log in to your account, open up the Spotify application on your desktop computer browser.In the optimal right corner, select the downward dealing with arrow, and click top top "Settings."Under social, click on "Disconnect indigenous Facebook."Note that these steps can only be perfect on a desktop, no on mobile.

Help native Spotify customer Support

If the over options don"t work, you might need come get aid from Spotify"s customer support. Accounts deserve to be disabled because of a suspected fraudulent activity or a chargeback. If either of these has occurred, you will certainly need assist from Spotify"s customer support to recover your Spotify account.

Select "Logging In" from the food selection options.

Choose "I can"t log in in" native the menu options.

Some support choices will come up including instructions on how to reset her password, indict on how to discover your account, and instruction on just how to uncover your username from her cache device history.

If nobody of these choices work for you, choose "I still require help."

You will certainly be redirected to a type and asked to provide much more details. Administer your subscription type, your name (as it shows up on the account), and fill the end the "tell united state more" field. Give Spotify as many details as feasible about her current case to ensure that the difficulty is resolved as conveniently as possible.

Select "Start chat." You will certainly be associated to a Spotify Customer business Representative who will to walk you through your next steps. Note that you may be request to administer proof of ownership of the account, purchase, or payment details.


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