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Honey is a free browser expansion that helps you save money instantly by searching for coupon codes when you’re in ~ the checkout for her favorite digital stores.

I’ve actually provided Honey myself due to the fact that I tend to Google coupon codes once I’m in ~ checkout for purchasing an item. The Honey application is a great way to obtain coupons fast.

In this review, we will certainly cover what the Honey application is, exactly how it works and is it right for you.


Honey Travel

If girlfriend love to travel, you might want to try Honey Travelto save money. They occupational with a variety of travel discount website and help you find deals and also vouchers for flights and hotels.

When you use the Honey extension to shop online, you deserve to collect honey Keys. These space virtual secrets that provide you access to exclusive hotel rates.

I haven’t offered Honey Travel since I mostly use my credit card portal to book flights so I can earn miles.

If anything, I’d usage Honey travel to twin check prices versus a Google search or my credit card portal to book flights.

Concept vs. Execution

The principle of one extension automatically looking for coupon codes for you is a an excellent idea, but perhaps the concept of online coupon password is as well shaky because that it to have the ability to consistently save you money.

If you’ve ever done a search for a coupon code on RetailMeNot or other coupon sites, you recognize it’s hit or miss. In mine experience, it’s largely been a miss.

In my own experience using Honey, I recognize I uninstalled that on Chrome after 3 months. The main reason why i uninstalled the was because it wasn’t finding me coupons ~ above Amazon. Plus, i don’t think i shop sufficient online to justify its use.

However, a couple of times it pointed me come a cheaper seller top top Amazon as soon as I to be at checkout, so ns was able to save a few bucks here and also there.

I have because installed it back on my Safari browser due to the fact that it’s totally free and can’t hurt to point me to a cheaper Amazon seller native time to time.

Uninstalling Honey: The Cons

If friend Google “Honey extension,” a optimal search consists of “how to uninstall Honey” so mine guess is that maybe a lot of of world experienced the same thing together me and also after trying the out, they weren’t able to efficiently save any type of money through it.

There was also a thread on Redditwhere former Honey users complained about not gift able to uncover a discount as soon as shopping online.

Then there was an articlewhere a blogger tried the end Honey because that a week. She discovered that it no do much to aid save money or also find any type of coupons, for the matter.

The blogger tried the end the extension on sites like Asos, metropolitan Outfitters, and also Tobi, yet said she wasn’t an extremely successful in gaining coupon codes.

A few Tips

If girlfriend have ad blockers on your browser, it may prevent love husband from functioning properly. You deserve to simply disable your advertisement blockers and also refresh the web page to get it working.

Make certain to obtain updates for this reason you space using the present version. This will allow you to acquire the many out that the app.

3 options to Honey

If you’d favor to check out various other coupon finders, there are three choices that friend can examine out.


Browsers:Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, FirefoxWhat that Does:You’re alerted to obtainable promo codes and cashback avenues in real time, in her Google find results and as friend shop online.


CouponFollow provides an extension called Cently, and is currently only easily accessible to use through Google Chrome.

What it Does:It finds, tests, and applies coupon codes for you automaticallyNumber of partner Retailers:Their website doesn’t say specifically how many stores they’ve partnered with, yet you deserve to do a search for a specific store by searching through their popular Stores page.


Browers:Chrome, Firefox, and also SafariNumber of companion Retailers:It no list exactly how many, but you can see their retail and also airline pageto see their sustained partners.

Is It precious It?

If girlfriend shop online frequently and also want one easy means to save some money without having to hunt for coupon codes yourself, friend should shot Honey out.

It’s completely cost-free to use and also even if it conserves you a couple of bucks here and there, that still precious it.

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However, if you don’t shop online really often and you don’t want one more extension cluttering up her browser, it might not be worth the hassle.