1) What is buzzpatterson.com Cash?buzzpatterson.com Cash allows you include cash to her buzzpatterson.com Account at over 120,000 participating stores by purchasing and automatically declare an buzzpatterson.com Gift map to your buzzpatterson.com Balance. It’s simple, quick, and there are no fees. Her buzzpatterson.com Balance can be supplied to shop for millions of physical products and also digital content. Learn much more from the buzzpatterson.com Balance and buzzpatterson.com Gift card Terms and Conditions.

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Barcode: questioning the cashier to scan your distinctive barcode and pay any amount in between $5 and $500 to include to her buzzpatterson.com Balance. Your barcode is linked to her buzzpatterson.com Balance and also your funds space immediately accessible for use. Conserve or print your barcode before visiting a participating store. See how to get quick access to your barcode in concern 3 under “Questions about using her barcode”.

Phone number: tell the cashier your phone number and also pay any type of amount between $5 and also $500 to add to your buzzpatterson.com Balance. If girlfriend have already verified your phone number, the transaction will immediately be reflect in your buzzpatterson.com Balance.

If that is an not confirmed number, check your receipt for an buzzpatterson.com Gift Card insurance claim Code that deserve to be redeemed at www.buzzpatterson.com/gc/redeem. If you don’t have a case code on her receipt, verify her phone number right here to try again.

2) Why did buzzpatterson.com develop buzzpatterson.com Cash?We developed buzzpatterson.com Cash since we desire to serve all customers, consisting of those who favor not to usage debit or credit cards come shop. At buzzpatterson.com we strive to offer customers an option and room proud to enable customers to shop through the payment of your choice.

4) Where deserve to I include funds to mine buzzpatterson.com Balance utilizing buzzpatterson.com Cash?You deserve to make one buzzpatterson.com Cash transaction at any kind of participating store. We have actually partnered with countless stores throughout the country with an ext coming soon. A brochure of every participating stores can be uncovered here.

5) space there limits to just how much i can add to mine buzzpatterson.com Balance in one buzzpatterson.com Cash transaction?Yes, you can add any amount in between $5 and $500 in a solitary buzzpatterson.com Cash transaction. Daily limits also apply and may vary by retailer.

6) deserve to I do an buzzpatterson.com Cash transaction making use of a debit or credit card?Yes, make an buzzpatterson.com Cash transaction utilizing your debit or credit card functions the same way as utilizing cash. At a participating store, specify the amount you want to add to your buzzpatterson.com Balance, and pay the amount utilizing your credit or debit card.

7) When deserve to I use the accumulation I"ve included using buzzpatterson.com Cash? just how will I recognize when lock are prepared to use?If making use of a barcode or a proved phone number, funds are accessible immediately after ~ the cashier hand you a receipt for her transaction. We will send a confirmation notice to the email deal with or phone call number registered come the account. If you’re using a not confirmed phone number, girlfriend will have to redeem your 15-character code printed on her receipt at www.buzzpatterson.com/gc/redeem before it have the right to be used. At any kind of time, friend can also view your buzzpatterson.com Balance task under her Account.

8) deserve to I usage the funds on any type of buzzpatterson.com Website?Your buzzpatterson.com Cash transaction will certainly be added to your buzzpatterson.com Balance on your regional buzzpatterson.com website. Girlfriend can include cash in her local currency wherever there room buzzpatterson.com Cash participating stores, and also shop using that currency on your regional buzzpatterson.com website. For example, united state customers have the right to only add cash in united state stores, using united state dollars, and also shopping on buzzpatterson.com. Client in Mexico can only add cash in Mexico stores, making use of Mexican pesos, and also shopping top top buzzpatterson.com.mx.

9) What is the difference between my buzzpatterson.com Balance and my Gift card Balance?Nothing. These are two different names because that the same stored worth balance you have accessible for usage on buzzpatterson.com.

10) Where deserve to I see my buzzpatterson.com Cash transaction history?Desktop: go to her Account, then click on “Gift Cards - see balance or redeem a card”.Mobile phone or Tablet: In the buzzpatterson.com App, walk to her Account, then click on “Manage Gift card Balance”.

11) Who have to I contact if my buzzpatterson.com Balance is incorrect or if the funds I included have not showed up in mine buzzpatterson.com Balance?Once payment wake up in store, make sure you obtain a receipt for the buzzpatterson.com Cash transaction from the cashier. If your buzzpatterson.com Cash transaction is not detailed on the receipt, please occupational with the store’s customer service to troubleshoot. If you have actually a receipt confirming the transaction, but funds have actually not been loaded into your account within 15 minute of payment, please inspect your balance activity on buzzpatterson.com. If you room still not seeing your buzzpatterson.com Cash transaction listed, please save your receipt for sure for record-keeping and also contact buzzpatterson.com customer Service.

12) how do I get a refund?buzzpatterson.com Cash transactions are non-refundable, except as forced by law. Learn an ext from the buzzpatterson.com Balance and also buzzpatterson.com Gift map Terms and Conditions.

14) i am a retailer who wants to work-related with buzzpatterson.com Cash - how deserve to I contact the buzzpatterson.com Cash team?Please email us with your call information in ~ buzzpatterson.com-cash-interest-us

1) just how do I use my barcode?To usage your barcode, visit a participating store, present the cashier her barcode to scan, and then pay the lot you want to include to her buzzpatterson.com Balance.

2) will I have one barcode for every participating stores?Yes, you will only need one buzzpatterson.com Cash barcode. Her barcode is linked to her account and can be provided every time you desire to add buzzpatterson.com Cash. There is no must generate a brand-new code each time.

3) exactly how do I acquire quick access to mine buzzpatterson.com Cash barcode?From the buzzpatterson.com Cash barcode page in the buzzpatterson.com App:Android - select “Add to residence Screen” to produce a shortcut on her smartphone’s home screen.iOS - select “Add come Apple Wallet” to store your buzzpatterson.com Cash barcode in your smartphone’s digital wallet.

4) What need to I carry out if my barcode won’t scan?If your barcode is no scanning, please make certain your phone’s brightness is collection to the greatest value and then retry. If you are still having concerns with the barcode gift scanned, we imply using ours Print-at-Home option which friend can access by visiting www.buzzpatterson.com/cash ~ above a desktop browser and selecting “Get your barcode”. Right here you will be provided an alternative to publish out her barcode which have the right to be brought into the save for scanning. Additionally, countless stores will have the choice to add buzzpatterson.com Cash via her phone number or utilizing a claim code.

1) how do I use my phone call number?To use, visit a participating store, provide your mobile phone call number come the cashier or kiosk and specify the quantity you want to add. Top top payment, an buzzpatterson.com Gift Card will be immediately purchased and also claimed to your buzzpatterson.com Balance if her number is verified. If your phone number is unverified, select stores will provide you a printed receipt through an buzzpatterson.com Gift Card claim Code.

To verify your phone number, login to your Account, and also click ~ above “Login and also security”, then click “Add” next to “Mobile phone call Number”, you will certainly be prompted to select a country code from a drop under menu and enter her phone number. A confirmation code will certainly be sent to friend via SMS. Enter the code to confirm that you are in possession of the mobile phone number you space linking to your account. For protection purposes, girlfriend may have to re-enter her buzzpatterson.com password. Once this is complete, your mobile call number will be attached to her account and you can complete buzzpatterson.com Cash transactions utilizing that phone number.

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2) exactly how do I know if my phone number is verified?From the buzzpatterson.com Cash house page click on the “Confirm her phone number” button. If her phone number is verified, you will certainly be command to a web page with the call number connected to her buzzpatterson.com Balance displayed. If your phone number is not verified, no phone call number will certainly be displayed and also instead you will watch a button, “Verify mine phone number” on the right-hand next of the page. Click on this button to verify her phone number.