becoming a model is other that numerous of us dream about, and if you have what you think room nice-looking hands, then obtaining into this niche may have crossed your mind much more than once. Hand modeling is a subgenre of the modeling profession, and while hand models can also model other parts of your bodies, it’s possible to make a living just using your hands. Here’s whatever you must know about this kind of career.

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What is a Hand Model?

A hand design is rather literally someone that models through their hands. This often method wearing piece of jewelry such as rings, or display screen cosmetics such as pond polish. That is not only minimal to these types of products, as you probably wanted to administer an action for every kinds of proclaiming or commercial products.

Hand models have the right to sometimes obtain editorial work, whereby they pose for a series of photographs come be released in a magazine. This is not constantly the case, and also the work can be less common than various other kinds the modeling – it’s not every worry that will have actually images of just the hand and not the remainder of the body.

The many common type of work-related for a hand design is commercial, generally shooting for proclaiming campaigns. Anything the a hand have the right to do is feasible to be had in this images: you might be opening the ribbon on a present, attract a quite watch, caressing someone else’s skin, or therefore on.

It sounds odd to think the a disembodied hand appearing in one advert, but once girlfriend start in search of them, you will certainly realize that they are more common than you think! even when a celebrity shows up in an advert, they will sometimes have hand models come in for close-up shots to ensure the their hands look good. You might even it is in asked to to fill in for close-up shots top top movie and also television sets.

In some develops of advertising, her hand can not also be visible. Imagine an advertisement in which a piece of food is gift lowered in the direction of a dip, or has already been dipped and is now being attracted out to be eaten. This is a relatively common photo that we might see top top menus, in campaigns, and also on-site at fast-food restaurants – yet someone needs to hold that item of food in order to develop the shot!

Requirements because that Being a Hand Model

If you want to know exactly how to become a hand model, first you have actually to examine that you would be eligible for this type of work. Unsurprisingly, your hands need to be really attractive in order to end up being a hand model. This way that they must be cost-free of imperfections, such as scars, moles, and also so on. Tattoos on your hands room a identify no-no. Your skin have to be clean and also smooth, so a lack of wrinkles or markings is preferred. Visible veins might additionally be a problem.

Narrow, slender fingers space preferred, and also though her hands should be long and also graceful, castle don’t want to be freakishly long. Freckled skin will certainly limit the variety of jobs you can get, despite it is still possible to gain booked v freckles. There room a few smaller niches in ~ hand modeling that have other demands – very tiny hands deserve to model children’s toys, and also short nails space often preferred for family items, while fashion items require much longer nails.


You likewise have to take treatment of your hands. You should treat them fine to prevent cuts and bruises, store them moisturized, and avoid stains. Your nails must be neat and also well-kept, and you might wish to flourish them long. A constant manicure could end up being one that your organization expenses in this niche!

Strangely enough, the ignorance is the most important component of your hand. A many of civilization have elegant, beautiful fingers – but far fewer of us can say the same around our thumbs. This is why the ignorance is going come be topic to nearby inspection when you walk for a job.

Note the the demands for masculine hand models may be contempt different. It can depend on what type of male the declaring is aimed at.


For video campaigns, in particular, hand models should be smooth and also graceful and able to convey particular emotions with their hands. You’ll want to be able to hit her mark, conserving time and also effort because that the film crew.

How to become a Hand Model

To start your career together a hand model, first, you must practice particular things. Take it a look in ~ advertisements, editorial shoots, and video clips that hand models. Start noticing just how they organize themselves, what they execute or don’t do, and so on. Try these poses because that yourself and see what that takes to hold them.

Next, you can ask a girlfriend to take part shots of her hands – or walk to a skilled photographer for a starter portfolio. Together an aspiring model, girlfriend can conveniently create and also manage amodel"s website. Below is ours step-by-step overview to developing a killer Modeling Portfolio.

Either way, try out a variety of poses. Hold different items, and also remember to save your target in mind: room you offering a item of jewelry, a lifestyle service, or therefore on? Rookie mistakes encompass things favor tilting a ring far from the camera or concentrating on a satisfaction hand place so much that girlfriend forget around the product.


With your portfolio, friend now have two options. One is to find a hand modeling company which will certainly take friend on. Send in your shots, including one the your challenge so that they know who they space talking to, and also wait because that a response. If you have met your requirements, they will certainly take you on and start finding work-related for you.

Another alternative is to shot to discover work for yourself. You deserve to sign up to spreading sites such together StarNow, ModelMayhem, and also other industry niche sites, and also look out for opportunities which accomplish your requirements. Girlfriend can use by sending in your information and also pictures. This is a good way to acquire started, as you room being proactive and putting yourself the end there. You might find work faster this way, particularly if friend are having actually trouble gaining a modelingagency. However, the work might be slow-moving at an initial and you may not be payment well till you have more experience.

What skills Do Hand Models Need?

Hand modeling really is a full-time job for those that take that seriously, and it can take long days to gain a solitary shot. You will frequently be required to keep your hands absolutely still and also stiff in position, even when the target is to create a tranquil look. Friend may likewise have to hold your body in strange location in stimulate to save yourself the end of shot! It have the right to be a complicated and physically demanding task, even though you would certainly not imagine that to it is in the case.

Things choose being able to pour fluid perfectly into a glass, even without gift able to watch your hands, could be requirements for part jobs. Due to the fact that only her hands space seen, this can mean that your entirety body needs to be the end of the way or spanned up – consisting of your head! there are certain exercises you can try to strengthen your hands, such together those designed for flute football player or guitarists to make their fingers much more flexible. This will permit you come assume different positions with less difficulty.

You likewise have come think around the project rather 보다 yourself – every one of the time. For example, many hand models don’t wear jewelry on your hands and also wrists in instance it might stain or note their skin. They also stay away from using metal cutlery sometimes, and they spend a lot of time moisturizing.

Hand models regularly wear gloves once out and around to protect their most valuable asset. Scrapes and also cuts can occur all the time, however for a hand model, a straightforward nick could mean canceling a job. Also the fingernails have to be protected – and also using colored pond polish is often banned since it might leave a stain ~ above the nails.


What’s the median Hand version Salary?

You will certainly no doubt be wondering what you have the right to earn as a hand model. The great news is that it deserve to be quite lucrative, although it’s not as straightforward to pin under a hand design salary together you would think since you space usually paid by the project. This method that it all counts on exactly how much job-related you space getting, as well as the fees friend ask for.

Hand model jobs are typically paid an average of $1000 per day for TV work or between $2000 and $5000 a job for print campaigns. In ~ the really top that the pile, the many elite hand models in the human being can knife $10,000 because that a solitary day’s shoot. Most hand models finish up working part-time, yet there space a couple of examples out there of models who use their hands as full-time earners.

Bear in mind that if you room signed come a modeling agency, your agent will certainly take a reduced of your income as a fee. If you are a freelancer, you obtain to keep all of the money you knife from her modeling gig – but you might also have to work harder to find jobs, and having to find out negotiation skills if you desire to be paid to the fullest of your potential.

Who room the best Hand Models in the World?

One the the most notable hand models out there is Adele Uddo. She is actually a parts model, which means she models other locations as fine – in her case, this contains her eyes, lips, chest, legs, and feet. She has a graceful body and also takes good care of herself from head come toe.

Uddo is often dubbed in to job-related as a celebrity double. This is someone who stands in because that a celebrity in advertising projects or film work, together we pointed out previously. She has filled in because that Katie Perry, Beyoncé, Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, and Penelope Cruz simply to surname a few. She has been released in substantial magazines about the world and has made enough of a name for herself that she was also able come launch her own skincare line.

How must You Prepare because that a Hand version Shoot?

There room a couple of things you should do ahead of a shoot if friend do obtain booked. Make certain that you get a fresh manicure uneven you room otherwise instructed by the client. Be all set by acquisition extra good care of her hands for several days beforehand. Due to the fact that you could sometimes just hear about your tasks on short notice, it’s a good idea to constantly be ready to go!

Don’t drink caffeine or noþeles else the could reason you come tremble and also shake, together this won’t make you any type of friends in front of the camera. Make certain that you space well-rested so that you deserve to spend the totality day holding yourself still without needing to yawning or feeling tired.

Keep your hands out of the way of any type of potential risk – don’t perform anything that could chip a nail or leaving you with a cut! A an excellent idea is to pretend you have actually just painted your nails every the time, so friend don’t want to threat smudging lock while lock dry.

Becoming a hand design is no easy, but the rewards have the right to be fine worth it. After month of not successful auditions and go-sees, gaining that one project that pays enough for 6 months of your rent have the right to make you feel on top of the world. That can likewise be very lucrative, but it is the type of career the you have to take an extremely seriously if you want to with the height – and you may also have to diversify right into other parts modeling choices to make a living.

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Create your virtual modeling portfolio

As an aspiring handmodel, you need to create a stunningmodeling portfolio to kickstart her career. It’s your chance to make a great very first impression top top agencies and clients.Make certain that you pick the appropriate platform for your portfolio website that allows you accomplish the unique style that ideal represents your personality. Your modeling portfolio website requirements to be not just stunning but functional together well.