The men and women of the law Enforcement/Federal air Marshal business (LE/FAMS) protect and serve the nation"s transportation device through their distinct mission come detect, deter and defeat criminal, terrorist and also hostile tasks that target our nation"s transport systems. 


LE/FAMS Opportunities

The commonwealth Air Marshal organization deploys commonwealth Air Marshals (FAMs) top top U.S. Plane world-wide and conducts protection, response, detection and also assessment activities in airports and also other transportation systems. FAMs are an elite team of armed federal law enforcement policemans deployed ~ above passenger flights an international to ensure safe travels and also protect airline passengers and also crew versus criminal and also terrorist violence.

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As’s elite regulation enforcement organization, the LE/FAMS is a department consisted of of very trained, undercover policemans who provide added passenger safety and security domestically and also abroad. Sometimes referred to as “the quiet professionals,” FAMs operate under a surprise status and receive few of the most extensive and thorough maintain offers.

Federal waiting Marshal (FAM)

Description: FAMs space Federal law Enforcement police officers whose primary role is to protect commercial passenger flights by deterring and countering the hazard of terror activity, aircraft piracy and other crime in stimulate to safeguard the nation’s transport infrastructure. FAMS space equipped to operate individually in a extremely stressful environment with tiny or no back-up. All brand-new hires to LE/FAMS are required to begin at the entry level position and complete the minimum experience crucial to progress to subsequent positions within the service. 

Required experience: For entry-level positions, 3 years of work-related experience or a bachelor’s level or greater or a mix of education and also experience. 


Supervisory commonwealth Air Marshal (SFAM)

Description: situated in the field offices, SFAMs are responsible because that directing the work of low grade FAMs deployed an international on passenger flights ~ above American wait carriers. They respond to the hazard of criminal/terrorist violence and also aircraft piracy in stimulate to accomplish national protection concerns. They’re also tasked through administrative and also operational assignments.

Required experience: At least one year together an ns Band FAM

Assistant Supervisory waiting Marshal in charge (ASAC)

Description: located in ar offices, ASACs space in fee of establishing and also maintaining relationships through federal, state and also local law enforcement officials and also communicating your assigned office’s goals and also objectives. They’re likewise responsible for directing work assignments for FAMs and also LE/FAMS managers and the support staff within the ar office.

Required experience: At least one year as an SFAM

Deputy Supervisory air Marshal in fee (DSAC)

Description: some larger field offices may encompass DSACs that share several of the same obligations as ASACs, yet are also in fee of assisting the Supervisory waiting Marshal in charge (SAC) with developing internal measures for the ar office.

Required experience: ASAC

Supervisory waiting Marshal in fee (SAC)

Description: Incumbents offer as a Supervisory wait Marshal in fee (SAC) and also work in a ar office in the LE/FAMS. As the SAC, the incumbent provides senior-level leadership for the FAM workforce, and oversees the as whole planning, direction, and also coordination the operations because that a LE/FAMS ar office.

Required experience: ASAC

To protect the nation’s transport infrastructure, FAMs serve in a variety of legislation enforcement capacities both in the air and also on the ground. Listed below are a few examples the GBA opportunities that FAMs can support throughout your career.

Visible Intermodal prevention and Response (VIPR)

VIPR is a very visible procedure that helps detect and deter any suspicious or dangerous activity in various modes the transportation. The visible Intermodal prevention and response (VIPR) regimen conducts operations the promote confidence in all modes of transportation with targeted deployment of incorporated assets. VIPR teams room located across the country and also collaborate with local law enforcement, plane stakeholders and federal legislation enforcement partners to support protection operations and also secure the nation’s transport system.

Operations Center

Federal wait Marshals support the domestic and also international deployment that FAMs, carry out awareness for every’s transportation-related security activities and carry out 24/7 central operational, mission, emergency and also incident management.

U.S. Citizen or national21-37 years old (certain exceptions use to those over 37)Valid driver"s license
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