Maybe you"re annoyed v relentless spam calls, or there"s someone in your life you never want come speak to again. It"s your phone. You decide that gets to speak to you, and also who should not have that access. Luckily, blocking phone number on her iPhone is easy, and you need to take full advantage of the feature.

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Here we"ll malfunction the actions to block a caller on your iPhone so the you no longer receive calls, FaceTime calls, and also messages from that number.

1. Open up the call app


The first thing you should do is open up up the Phone application on girlfriend iPhone. This is the application you normally use to do phone calls, and also is probably located on your residence screen. The icon for the phone application is green with a white phone call receiver.

2. Tap top top the "i" icon next come the caller"s name or number


Next, click the "i" icon in the call tab. This icon will show up under the Favorites, Recents, and also Voicemail tabs ~ above the Phone application on iPhone.

3. Role down and tap "Block this Caller"


Once girlfriend tap into the caller"s details, scroll down and also tap "Block this Caller."

4. Madness "Block Contact"


A check will appear to block the number. Madness "Block Contact" and also you"re done! The number will no longer have the ability to call you, blog post you, or FaceTime contact you.

Manage blocked callers


To manage numbers that you have actually blocked, monitor the complying with steps:

Tap settings on your home screen

Tap on the call app

Tap on blocked Contacts to manage numbers you have actually blocked

Send every unknown callers to voicemail

Now, if you really desire to lock down your iPhone, Apple allows you send every unknown callers come voicemail. This is under the same Phone settings web page from above.

Tap setups on your residence screen

Tap top top the call app

Tap on quiet Unknown Callers come toggle the attribute on or off.

According to Apple, "Calls indigenous unknown numbers will be silenced, sent out to voicemail, and also displayed on the Recents list. Incoming phone call will continue to ring from people in your contacts, recent outgoing calls, and Siri Suggestions."

If you perform decide to do this, psychic to inspect your voicemail to make certain you"re not missing something important!

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