There"s nothing an ext annoying than being harassed by phone call or messages from exclusive (hidden) numbers. If so, you have the right to block these numbers on her smartphone- we"ve got all you require to recognize in this article.

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How come block calls manually?

Android Devices

On Android phones, you have the right to usually add contacts come a blocked list via settings. The steps may vary slightly from one manufacturer come another. However, in general, you have to be may be to accessibility this setup from the call app.

Open the phone call app, and also tap More > Call Settings > Call Rejection.Next, insanity Auto reject list.Now, toggle the Unknown choice On.

N.B. If your Android smartphone does not include an option come block unknown numbers, friend can also download and install contact blocking apps indigenous the list below.

Samsung Phones

Although Samsung is under Android, the procedure might vary.Follow this steps:

On Samsung Phones, you’ll uncover the blocking choices in Phone > settings > Block NumbersIf you’d favor to block calls from world that space not on her list of contacts, you have the right to simply slide and select the alternative Block Unknown Caller.If you only want to block a details phone number, get in the desired number under Add phone call Number in the get in Phone Number field of this section.

Blackberry phones

Blackberry users should open the Phone App and also using your finger, swipe from optimal to bottom.Then choose Settings > speak to blocking. If this is your first time making use of the call blocking option, you will have to produce a password come grant access to this feature.

Nokia devices

For Nokia phone customers go come Menu > regulate Panel > Settings and also then Phone > call Blocking.


To block unknown callers on an iPhone go to Settings > Phone climate scroll down till you watch the choice Silence Unknown Callers and also toggle the switch to on. All future calls indigenous unknown numbers will certainly be silenced and also go directly to voicemail, but you will additionally see lock in your call list.To block particular callers on one iPhone, open up the Phone app and click ~ above Recents. Scroll to the caller friend would prefer to block, tap top top the little ⓘ symbol situated beside the number and also then scroll to Block This Caller.

How toblock message messages from unknown numbers?

Blocking message messages from hidden or personal numbers requires a specific app.

Apps because that Android smartphones

These apps for Android tools block calls and SMS native undesired numbers.

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Hiya - speak to Blocker, Fraud Detection & Caller ID

Blacklistcall - Block numbers

Block Text, SMS, Spam Blocker - crucial Messages

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Hiya: Spam Phone speak to Blocker

Apps because that Symbian Phones

Best BlackList

How to block a number native a Spectrum account?

To acquire started, walk to the Spectrum website, log in in through your account details, and find My Services. Next, click Manage phone call Features. Discover Block unwanted Callers, and activate it by turning it On. In the field that displays, get in the phone numbers that you desire to block, and also click Add come Block undesirable Callers List.