ImportantInternational visitors, please contact your embassy.The nationwide Park service does not schedule tours or provide tickets to enter the White House.

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Planning her Visit to the White House

A visit to the White House can be among the most memorable experience during any kind of trip come the nation"s capital, however you will need to arrangement ahead. If you space interested in attending a public tourism of the White residence be sure to secure her reservation fine in development of your arrival come Washington, DC. Top top this page, you"ll find information you require to know to start planning your White home tour.

How to Schedule a White house Tour

The nationwide Park organization does no schedule White home tours or carry out tickets to go into the White House.

Public tour requests should be submitted through your Member the Congress. These self-guided tours room generally accessible Friday and also Saturday (excluding commonwealth holidays or uneven otherwise noted). Tours are reserved on a an initial come, an initial served basis. Requests deserve to be it is registered up to 3 months in breakthrough and no less than 21 job in advance. You are motivated to submit her request as early as possible as a minimal number the spaces are available. The White residence tour is free of charge. Please note that White house tours may be topic to critical minute cancellation.

If you great to visit the White House and also are a citizen of a foreign country, please contact your embassy in Washington, DC, for aid in submitting her request.

The Red Room, 2015. / A. Garrison

On the job of your Tour

Forms of Identification

All guests 18 year of age or older are required to current a valid, government-issued picture identification (detailed below). All international nationals must current their passport. Every other develops of international identification will certainly not be accepted.

All info submitted (e.g. Name, date of birth, city, etc.) should exactly enhance the government-issued photo ID you present when showing up at the White House.

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The complying with forms of photograph ID room acceptable for presentation to joined States an enig Service top top entry come the White home complex:

Valid government-issued United says identification card (e.g. Drivers license, military ID, etc.)Valid United says or other main government-issued passports

NO other develops of identification will certainly be accepted; photocopies, expired IDs, or other transmissions of these files are no valid.