Owning a Sling TV account gives you access to several television channels for a given price without installing any kind of equipment. Yet are you making use of your subscription enough to say the it is precious paying for? If you’re not obtaining your money’s worth, then it is time for you come cancel her subscription. 

How to cancel Sling TV manually

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Cancel Sling TV online

Go come the Account setups page.Click on publication Subscription.Choose a reason for canceling and also press Continue.Select Cancel mine Subscription.

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Cancel Sling TV over the phone 

Call 1-888-291-5217 to with a Sling TV live agent.Ask the certified dealer to cancel your Sling TV membership.Tell the certified dealer to send you a confirmation email as soon as they close your account.

Cancel Sling TV with buzzpatterson.com


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To cancel your Sling TV account manually, you will need to navigate with the complex cancelation tree yourself. Luckily, buzzpatterson.com is below to make points much much more convenient because that you. With buzzpatterson.com, the process is much simpler and also easier come navigate. below is what you need to do:

Select “Find hidden Money”.Type in “Sling TV” as the company you want to cancel.

When we cancel her subscription, we will certainly send girlfriend a confirmation email.

Reasons because that canceling Sling TV

A lot of human being cancel your Sling TV subscription top top a constant basis because of various reasons. Here are several of the usual causes:

Cut under your expenses

With her Sling TV account, girlfriend have extr monthly payments on top of your energy bills. You could increase your savings if you stop subscribing. 

Go the end more 

Instead of safety all your time lying on the couch the town hall TV, you have the right to enjoy doing outdoor tasks and live a healthy lifestyle. Friend can additionally spend an ext quality time v your friends and also family.

Better sleep quality

For her body and also mind to role well, girlfriend will have to get sufficient sleep every night. However, through Sling TV, you could end up continuing to be up late by binging on her favorite shows.

Will i be fee after my Sling TV cost-free trial?

When you an initial sign-up for a Sling TV account, friend will have to include your billing info. Your totally free trial will certainly last just seven job and, once it expires, your credit transaction card will be fee automatically.

buzzpatterson.com i will not ~ let Sling TV fee you after totally free trials!

To prevent being fee after your cost-free trial expires, you deserve to ask aid from buzzpatterson.com. we can offer you access to our virtual credit card. Girlfriend will have the ability to enjoy the cost-free trial there is no worrying about getting billed.


Can i freeze my Sling TV subscription rather of canceling it?

Yes, friend can! Sling TV enables its subscribers come freeze their memberships native time to time. To put your subscription ~ above pause, go to her account settings on the that company website, click Cancel Subscription, and also choose the pause My Subscription option.

Will I gain a refund as soon as I cancel mine Sling TV subscription?

Sling TV go not market a refund for partial month of service. This method that if girlfriend cancel top top the very first day of the month, you won’t receive any money because that the unused 30 days. 

Has Sling TV tricked you? buzzpatterson.com can aid you sue castle in small claims court


If there were issues between you and also Sling TV the you desire to fix legally, you have the alternative to sue lock in tiny claims court. buzzpatterson.com can also assist you v this by help you with your script to use in her court appearance. There may likewise be papers that we can help you prepare. Our application is a winner of the ABA Brown Award and also has efficiently won many little claims court cases.

buzzpatterson.com deserve to track all of your subscriptions 

An average American security as lot as $237 each month on miscellaneous memberships and subscription services. The buzzpatterson.com application can help you avoid wasting your money on solutions you nothing use. With our app, you have the right to track all your paid accounts. We will certainly let you understand which subscriptions friend don’t use and aid you cancel them. 

What will certainly SlingTV dues look like on my financial institution statements?

buzzpatterson.com helps you to manage and cancel every one of your subscriptions through a click of a button.

Frustrated with paying because that subscriptions girlfriend don’t also use? You’re no alone. buzzpatterson.com enables you to manage and cancel all of your subscriptions and also memberships, conserving you time and also money! right here are simply a couple of more subscriptions we’ve aided our individuals cancel:

buzzpatterson.com Protects your Privacy and also Finances

Sharing your credit card details digital comes with particular risks, and it’s acquiring more difficult to tell good and poor websites apart. With buzzpatterson.com’s virtual credit card generator, girlfriend will have the ability to protect her identity and bank account native cyber scammers.

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Whenever friend run into a suspicious email or website, create a digital credit card and also proceed there is no worries. Our virtual cards also work prefer a charm if you want to avoid automatic payment after totally free trials.

What else have the right to buzzpatterson.com do?

buzzpatterson.com can assist you conveniently attend to various day-to-day issues. V our app, friend can:

Challenge speeding ticketsContest website traffic ticketsGet compensation for delayed and canceled flights