Registering is the first step come voting. You have the right to register, check your registration status, update your registration, or register for the very first time using the resources uncovered below.

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Voters that have actually moved, changed their name, or wish to change their political party affiliation must finish a new voter it is registered form.

In Pennsylvania, occupants must register to vote no later than 15 days prior to the election. If you are not right now registered, you have until Monday, October 18, 2021, to it is registered for the 2021 general Election. The registration procedure can be done online, by mail, or in-person in ~ our Voter service Center.

HELPFUL registration LINKS


Who deserve to Register come Vote?

Requirements because that registering to vote in Delaware County:

you a U.S. Citizen (for at least one month before the election)

You space a residents of Delaware County

you’ll be at least 18 year old before or on election day

A court has not uncovered you to be mentally incompetent

You’re no in prison or on parole for a felony*

* keep in mind that misdemeanants and pretrial detainees are permitted to it is registered regardless of their incarceration status. Misdemeanants and also pretrial detainees might vote through absentee ballot if they accomplish all various other voting criteria. Felons room not allowed to poll if they are incarcerated on election Day.

Note: You have to register to vote at the address where you live – your residential address. Owning home or a organization in a county does not make friend a resides of that county.

Should ns Re-Register?

Complete a brand-new voter registration applications if:

You have moved

girlfriend have adjusted your name

girlfriend have readjusted your political party preference

The procedure to re-register is the very same as the procedure to register to poll for the first time. You can re-register online or re-register by mail.

Can i Cancel mine Voter Registration?

Yes. You re welcome fill out this Voter inquiry to cancel Registration type and go back to a Delaware ar Voter company Center, or visit the Pennsylvania room of State’s just how to update Your Registration internet page, if you wish to cancel your registration. We urge voters who are relocating out that the county or the State the Pennsylvania to educate the Delaware County bureau of Elections the you will no longer be a resides of Delaware county to assist ensure precise records.

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Voter it is registered Department

Visit the Voter it is registered department internet page for their call information and also information around their function and services.