Regularly an altering your eBay password is crucial for security


eBay is just one of the most renowned digital marketplaces in the world, with an approximated 174 million energetic buyers. As a the person who lives or seller ~ above eBay, girlfriend will have your own account that you deserve to log in to with your email resolve and a password.

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Your eBay password is your an essential to start this marketplace, which method you need to ensure it’s retained safe at every times. Changing it regularly is among the ideal ways come ensure your password is secure, and there space a pair of methods to do this.

In this guide, we’ve run v every step affiliated with an altering your password top top a Windows web browser. The process is slightly various on the various eBay mobile apps, but in general, the adhering to will tell friend what you need to know.

eBay is just one of the best digital marketplaces in the civilization (Image credit: eBay)

How to adjust your eBay password

Changing her eBay password consistently is an important to ensure your account stays secure. Many civilization save their credit transaction card and also PayPal details within your eBay account, which means there’s a possibility that people could make unauthorized purchases if they get access.

To adjust your password an initial log in to your account. You will see a small dropdown menu on the optimal left the the homepage saying “Hi, .” Click this, and also follow the attach to your account settings.

Here, you will see links to control different settings and also preferences. Under the personal Info heading, you will see a attach to sign in and security settings. Click this.

The an initial option will enable you come modify her password. Click on the edit button on the right of the screen and follow the prompts. You will certainly be request to get in your present password, a new password, and a check of your brand-new password. Hit Submit and that’s it, your password is now updated.

We’d also recommend including security questions and two-factor verification to your account to ensure it’s completely protected.

Changing her eBay password is reasonably straightforward if you monitor the prompts (Image credit: eBay)

How come reset your eBay password

If you’ve forgotten her eBay password, girlfriend will need to reset it prior to signing into your account. This is a reasonably straightforward process, yet there room a few important measures involved.

First, get in the email attend to or cell phone number that’s connected with her account and click Continue. Then, click the “Need help signing in” link under the sign in button, monitor the prompts come have an e-mail sent to her registered address.

Navigate to her email customer and find the email. Open up it and hit the Confirm switch to verify her identity, and then you will be taken earlier to eBay, whereby you will certainly be inquiry to go into a new password.

Note that you will be compelled to use at the very least one uppercase letter, one lower situation letter, and one number or one-of-a-kind character. Once you’ve gotten in your brand-new password, you will be signed in to her eBay account and will be able to proceed together usual.

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